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Why Is Data Integration Important For Enterprise Success In 2023?

The main goal of data integration is to provide users with a more complete and reliable picture of the data critical for making crucial business decisions. In fact, the integration helps to Derive Actionable Insights from Data and, based on this, transform the data sets into meaningful insights that can be acted upon to achieve business goals.

How To Get Valuable Insights From Data?

The process begins with collecting and cleaning the received data, and only after that can the array of data be analyzed. As a result of the analysis, it is possible to identify patterns and trends that should be used to optimize processes and improve business efficiency. For example, such information is helpful for the following decisions:

  • Optimization of marketing strategies, better targeting of your audience;
  • Identification of the inefficiency of the production process;
  • Cost reduction due to closing unpromising directions or campaigns.

This way, data is transformed into a valuable asset that can inform decision-making and drive business success. Considering that data is becoming more and more and it is impossible to process it manually, it is advisable to use specialized software solutions that help to automate and speed up these processes.

A Practical Example of Using Software Solutions For Data Integration

High-quality systems allow you to work qualitatively with large amounts of information and obtain valuable insights. For instance, these systems in Facebook’s advertising cabinet help analyze advertisements’ quality and effectiveness. Google Ads to BigQuery integration works similarly.

Users receive statistics on the effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns and monitor key indicators. Thanks to this, the company does not act blindly but is guided by accurate information about advertising performance, demographics, etc. Adeptia makes it a lot easier to do all those things.

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Should Entrepreneurs Use Data Integration Already In 2023?

Data integration involves gathering data from various sources, including databases, file systems, and applications. With this information, competing in the market with powerful companies is more effortless. An entrepreneur must have real-time statistical data to make informed decisions. Therefore, it is already crucial for the success of the enterprise. is a marketing attribution software that aims to give advertisers and marketers the power to make data-driven decisions gathered from the different parts of the customer journey.

Users do not just automate the marketing data they are working with, but they can also connect it with each other as well. It can look at customer journeys and point out to users where they get the most return on investment (ROI).

  • Connect all your marketing, CRM, and analytics data from 65+ platforms and stream it to Power BI, Looker Studio and any spreadsheet tool, BI platform, or data warehouse.
  • The setup is done in minutes. No coding is required.
  • Currently, we support more than 3000 dimensions and metrics.
  • See the value and return on every marketing touchpoint.
  • Our marketing attribution software platform provides marketers with a 15-44% increase in marketing ROI.

You can start a free 30-day trial with!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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