Datmachine; An Efficient Data Analyst for SaaS Startups

Business Intelligence is not just about analyzing your data, but actually take actions based on it. With everyone running out of time, some decisions need to be taken faster, but what if you are stuck at a file in excel analyzing the data in an old fashioned manner!

Well, in that case, you will surely end up with shutting down your business!

So, the crux is; you should spend your time improving the product/service and working on customers’ satisfaction by handing over the data analysis to an expert who does it accurately in minimum time and then present you in a clear and easy to understand form.

So, hiring a Data Analyst will not work here, rather you should look for Datmachine. All you need to do is to input your data and you will get the simplest and most reliable way to monitor, measure, and manage the performance. It’s great option for SaaS startups, who need to take timely data driven decisions.

With Datmachine you save time and time is money for any startup:  What you get is:

  • Simple integration.
  • Dashboards with key performance indicators.
  • Reports for team work in email.
  • Goal setting and forecasting.
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Datmachie in Their Own Words:

Datmachine is a business intelligence solution for Internet companies with subscription business model that provides deeper insights into business conditions, customers and finances.

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What Brings Datmachine to Spotlight?

It’s easy and is of great value for SaaS startups by giving them an edge on costs as well as help them take timely decisions.

Datmachine Website: https://datmachine.co/