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DBS Checks And Beyond: Virtual Performance Reviews In 2023

2020 was a tough year for business, and by the look of it, 2022 will present its own set of challenges to companies in every industry. With so many things up in the air, it is now more crucial than ever that companies are as decisive and productive as possible.

However, this does not mean that companies should throw all caution out the window and power on at top speed. On the contrary – businesses need to tread even more carefully than ever, as a managerial misstep or an employee mess up can land them in a bunch of trouble that they can ill afford.

One sure-fire way of minimizing this type of risk is to always make sure to hire and retain the right people for any given job. Performing background checks online via uCheck is critical for ensuring that your prospective employee is qualified for the position the business needs to fill.

Naturally, scrutiny doesn’t end at the company’s front door, and once employed, workers will need to undergo frequent performance reviews, to assess their productivity.

DBS Checks Are Crucial

Some types of employment don’t require companies to perform extensive screenings on potential hires – but in 2023, these types of positions are few and far between. Even when hiring remote workers, all applicants need to undergo a thorough background check. This is especially true if the employee is to fill a position that focuses on providing specialized care for others, such as a mental health counselor.

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Although they are not always actively deceptive, job-seekers can often overstate their skills and experience in their CVs in an attempt to seem like the best person for the job. Since a recruiter can’t rely on a CV to accurately present the reality of the situation, it is up to the company to carefully investigate each candidate.

Ensuring that the applicant really has the right education and employment history for the position is essential for avoiding negligent hiring – but it’s so much more important than that.

A high turnover rate is extremely taxing for any business, as it puts a huge strain on both the company’s recruiters, managers, and budget. The best way to avoid losing employees is by performing diligent checks and ensuring that candidates meet your criteria before hiring them. This information can help companies avoid unpleasant surprises when the time comes to evaluate a new employee’s work.

Performance Reviews in 2022

A company can’t afford to grow complacent once it has hired what it considers the right person for the job. On the contrary – it needs to be sure that the fresh employee performs adequately in their new role, and that said work is driven and motivated. This is where performance reviews come in.

There is a good reason why reviewing an employee’s achievements on a regular basis is a common business practice nowadays. After the initial qualifications checks, the work of employees needs to be evaluated at certain intervals – not only to assure maximum productivity but also to improve the workers’ experience in the company.

Like with most other aspects of business, performance reviews have undergone a metamorphosis because of the way COVID-19 reshaped our world. For instance, before 2020 it was customary to conduct performance reviews in person. In contrast, now it is commonplace to perform said reviews via video call.

It makes sense when you think about it – the home office is now the norm, virtual interviews have become prevalent, and background checks are also routinely done online. It only stands to reason that remote employees would receive virtual reviews in 2023 – but it’s not only the medium used to do the reviews that have changed.

The rapid societal and economic shifts of the last year have forced managers to adjust their way of conducting performance reviews to the new normal. Performance expectations have changed to fit the constraints of the current stressful situation, with flexibility and compassion taking a more central role in evaluating an employee’s progress.

Naturally, adopting a more lenient and empathetic position when it comes to employees doesn’t preclude a manager’s duty to keep things running smoothly and effectively. There are cases where what seemed like a good hire at the time just can’t cut it.

It sometimes turns out that a new employee is not qualified for the job at all, or a worker just can’t adjust to their current position all that well. This sort of unpleasant situation can often be avoided by checking the candidate’s education or employment history before giving them the job.


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