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Debunking the Most Common Human Resources Myths That Exist Today

There are around 904,900 people that are employed in HR departments worldwide. When you hear the words human resources, several things come to mind.

While some are true, several human resources myths aren’t. Below we’re going to unveil the curtain and shine a light on some of the best human resources myths out there.

You might be surprised that some of the things you thought were fact are wolves in sheep clothing. Read on now.

HR Listens But Does Nothing About Employee Complaints

It can be easy to think that going to HR about an issue you might be having will fall upon deaf ears. But, this isn’t the case; when employees file a complaint with the HR department, those within the department should take these complaints seriously and conduct an investigation.

This helps the employees feel heard and as if they’re valued and not just another person working for the company. It doesn’t matter how small or large the complaint is.

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They should all be treated with the same degree of seriousness when responding to them.

HR Departments are Fluff

The HR department isn’t just there to handle payroll or onboard people into the company. They’re there for much more.

For example, if the company is looking for ways to increase employee retainment, the HR department must be included in the conversation. They’ll have specific insights into why employees leave the company and offer some solutions to help reduce employee turnover.

There are several processes within a company that the HR department can influence positively that makes the department essential to the overall efficiency of the business.

HR Professional Learn from In-House Training

This isn’t always true, especially if you’re a small business owner looking into HR outsourcing companies. It’s also not true that HR professionals learn on the job or in-house because they need to have a specific set of qualifications to do their job correctly.

They need to have a deeper understanding of the compliance laws and practices to model in the department because it will affect the entire company.

HR Puts Out Staff Fires Only

If a business constantly had to mitigate and break up issues after they’ve become problems, when would there be time to do anything else? The HR department can put out fires when necessary, but part of their job is to keep these things from happening.

They dedicate time to planning to ensure solutions are found before problems become too big for the company to handle.

Blowing the Dust Off Human Resources Myths: No Lies Here

There are quite a few out there when it comes to human resources myths, and we’ve covered some of the main ones. HR isn’t a fluff department that only puts out fires once they’ve been ignited.

They can offer insight that can help the company improve its efficiency. If you’re looking into business ownership or already have businesses in your portfolio, check out some of our other insightful posts.


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