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Dedication & Commitment are MUST for Entrepreneurial Success, Says Hena Khan

Every mom is a multi-tasker, but only few make it a success being mompreneurs. It’s not being good with multi-tasking alone, but maintaining a balance as a CEO of the household and the owner of a business.

I am always excited to meet mompreneurs and know their success stories. I met many and the most interesting fact about all of them is that their business ideas provide solutions to some real life problems. This is what UAE MUMS do, i.e. helps stay at home mommies in the UAE to battle loneliness and make productive use of their time.

The person behind this great idea is Mrs. Hena Khan; herself mom of three!

For Hena, her kids are the priority and they shouldn’t just be good at formal education, but also  participate and excel in lot of extracurricular activities. And, we all know, this is not that simple; to make it happen you have to be a mom on 24/7 duty!

While being a 24/7 mom, Hena has established herself as a successful entrepreneur too. “I believe every entrepreneur should be dedicated and committed, both qualities I think I possess”, says Hena.

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She further adds, “I strive to do my best at anything and everything I do. I love giving back to the community and feel it is important to work as a team. I think, I am more a solution oriented person”.

hena khan

I asked her more questions related to business setup and running it successful, and I am sure her answers will serve as a guide for many mompreneurs out there.

Here it goes:

1-What are major challenges in your industry?

Considering it is a very large platform with thousands of women sharing their perspective, ideas and interests, it is sometimes a challenge to maintain peace and harmony in the community. We have women from all cultures and beliefs in our community and everyone has their own opinion, however, it’s challenging to make sure that one’s words/actions do not hurt the other.

2-How difficult was it for you to setup this business?

It was fairly difficult as it required a lot of time and effort online as well as offline. Since it was important to attract mums and their kids, a huge amount of time was spent on research as to what will satisfy them, research on where to hold events, what to do on events, themes for events and much more. Another challenging aspect was training the volunteers for acting as community moderators.

3- What do you think is the biggest challenge to become a mompreneur?

The biggest challenge is balancing family and work, making sure none is affected by either. Possessing good time management skills and planning ahead can help a lot to meet this challenge effectively.

4- What 3 characteristics should a business startup have to become a success?

Determined for growth, focus on customer service; willingness and ability to learn from experience.

5-Your recipe of success in one sentence?

Strong belief that “everything being possible”.

6- How important reading (books/magazines/online publications) is for entrepreneurs in your opinion?

I would say it is crucial, since it is a great way to educate yourself further, eliminate any oblivion and get great ideas which can expanded.

7- What is the best way to deal tough competitors in your opinion?

Well, not to consider your competitors as your enemies, should be the first rule. Consider them as the teachers you never had. Learn from their mistakes and success and strive to do better.

8- Any failures that you’d like to share?

I have yet to face one and I do hope that I can face it with courage thinking of it as a hurdle that wouldn’t stop me from achieving my goals.

9- Where does your husband/partner stand in your success? And how important is such support for a mompreneur?

My husband is hand on with every project I take on. He plays a huge role in motivating me for the better. Support from your partner is very important, even verbal encouragement can make a huge impact.

10- Any tips/advice for Startup Guys’ readers.

It’s not going to be easy, you will have to invest a lot of time and energy,  Stay determined and do not give up easily. Focus on research and believe in yourself.

Hena is a successful entrepreneur, but doesn’t let her family to cost anything for it. She loves family dinners with kids as well as movie nights which she thinks, help in better bonding with them.

Every success has hundreds of things to learn from and Hena is one such example. I hope her ideas and experiences should help many of us!

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