Design Your Own Video Games With Pixel Press

Pixel Press is one of a kind mobile application which is available for Android as well as iOS and allows the users belonging to all age groups to design their own video games.

You will just require a paper, pencil and the app will become useful in customizing video game levels that you can play and share with friends from various parts of the world.

The app is designed to bring the games close to interactive game-play and to a content that they were never ever exposed to before by providing them with the best tools and resources to spark their imagination. With this tool, gamers can harness this creativity.

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Pixel Press in their own words: 

If you are hesitant about coding, then don’t be as Pixel Press breaks down this barrier by providing easy access to short hand drawing system of the games that will also them to capture the same game-play mechanics that is seen in various popular games.

Why Pixel Press is in spotlight? 

Pixel Press removes the element of programming and coding, thereby makes video game creation a more accessible and simple process. It enhances the educational and creative potential of an individuals and is fun at the same time.

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