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Developing the Best Alternatives to uTorrent for macOS Catalina

Did you upgrade to macOS Catalina?

Most users say it’s the most fluid Mac experience, ever. The new operating system is cleaner, and it brought some cool features. We’re able to access more apps by pairing the Mac with an iPad.

But Catalina also brought us troubles. Apple decided to ditch all 34-bit apps and focus only on a 64-bit architecture. This means that if you were using uTorrent Classic, it no longer works. Thousands of users have been complaining about uTorrent not working on Mac. The developers of this app say that you can use uTorrent Web with the same effectiveness.

If you tried uTorrent Web, you know that it’s not the same thing as having a dedicated uTorrent Mac app such as Mac Device Management The app is cleaner, faster, and more convenient than the browser extension. As any other extension, it slows down the browser. We don’t want that.

It’s time to look at a few uTorrent alternatives, which will set you up for effortless uploads and downloads.

Why Would You Need the uTorrent Catalina App? 

There’s a stigma around Mac torrent clients. Many people are wondering: is the uTorrent Mac application legal? Yes. A torrent client is perfectly legal. It’s software that lets you download files through torrents. Although it can be used as an illegal system for sharing files, it’s perfectly legit and safe to use for downloads that aren’t subjected to distribution and copyright laws. 

The uTorrent Catalina app enables you to share files with your business partners, team members, and collaborators. If you’re trying to upload large files, you can’t do that via email and you might not have enough space in Dropbox or another cloud-based service you’re using. That would make uTorrent alternatives must-have utility tools for entrepreneurs.

uTorrent Not Working on Mac – What Are Your Options?

There’s no new version of uTorrent Catalina app. Until the developers give us a 64-bit version of this software, we won’t be able to use it on our computers. The good news is that there are uTorrent alternatives that are just as effective as the app we’ve grown to love. You won’t even notice the difference.

The best uTorrent Mac alternative for now is Folx. It works in an identical way as your old app. It will download files from magnet links and torrent trackers. You’ll get an excellent tool for searching torrents, so you won’t have to visit several shady sites to find the file you’re looking for. Everything happens within the app, so nothing will slow down your browser.

Magnet links are getting more popular, since they make uploading and downloading faster than ever. If you need software for sharing large files with collaborators, you’ll find Folx very useful.

You can start an eCommerce businessimage.gif or integrate Folx with Apple Music, so any audio file you download will automatically sync with your library. Just make sure you stick with legit files, which don’t impose copyright issues. That’s the main thing to remember when using any uTorrent Mac alternative.

If you’re looking for other alternatives when you face the “uTorrent not working on Mac” issue, you can try Transmission and Deluge.

Transmission is a lightweight app that won’t burden your system. It gives you a list of local systems that you’re connected with, so it can make business file sharing easy. It also supports magnet links, so it’s quick and effective.

Deluge is a tad more difficult to use, since it has three interfaces: browser, desktop, and command line.   

Should We Be Concerned about uTorrent Not Working on Mac?

In the official statement by uTorrent, there’s no hint about the team trying to develop a 64-bit version of the uTorrent Mac app. They simply tell us that Mac users will be automatically “upgraded” to uTorrent Web. That’s more like a downgrade, but we’ll let them call it however they want to.

It’s hard to see uTorrent not working on Mac. It was the favorite app for people who liked access to torrents. However, there are several alternatives available. You can choose one to replace uTorrent with no issues.

MacOS Catalina is still pretty cool. The fact that it doesn’t support 34-bit apps is bittersweet. Some of the apps we used on a daily basis are no longer available. That’s a bad thing, but it’s also good that we’re moving forward to 64-bit architecture. We all knew we were moving in that directions, so uTorrent developers should’ve known better. We have two options: stick with macOS Mojave to keep using 32-bit apps or go with Catalina and search for alternatives of those apps.

Since there are 64-bit torrent clients that are pretty capable to get the work done, uTorrent not working on Mac is no reason to delay the upgrade to Catalina. Now that’s a real upgrade.

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