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Digital Adoption Solutions: The Best Way To Implement A New Digital Strategy

It is no secret that many businesses recognize the importance of using technology to improve employee and customer experiences and business processes. So, it’s a surprise when a survey shows that only 4% of companies have successfully created a digitized workplace. While there are various reasons for this low figure, a lack of a digital adoption strategy could be the biggest.

Unless you educate your employees on the full capabilities of new technology in a way that suits them, you can never fully implement your digital strategy. This article will show you how digital adoption solutions can help guide your employees through this digital transformation process and how they can also help automate tasks.

What Is A Digital System?

A digital system allows a company to modernize its technology landscape by updating its IT and application infrastructure to support business needs. The benefits of a digital system can include the following:

  • Encouraging innovation and improving security by migrating applications to the cloud
  • Allowing the creation of an adaptive digital enterprise that reacts well to change and competition in a fast-moving economy

However, if the leaders at your organization want to adopt a new digital system, they need to be aware of several factors that can derail its implementation of the associated digital strategy. This includes a lack of employee support, complex user processes, and insufficient training for this new technology.

How Can Digital Adoption Solutions Help Implement Your Business’s New Digital Strategy?

A business can resolve digital system implementation issues through digital adoption solutions. This tool can help you create a more effective digital strategy as it can enable a change in the organizational approach to adopting technology. In addition, it can empower users to complete tasks linked to a new piece of technology while encouraging them to be open to technological change. Here are some of the ways that digital adoption solutions can help you implement a digital system for your organization:

Real-Time Training Personalized For Each User

You no longer need to provide employees with traditional training manuals, webinars, or in-person classroom training sessions to educate them about new technology. These methods are time-consuming and can make it more difficult for a user to retain the information over time.

Instead, digital adoption solutions can make learning new software easier. This is because they can offer real-time, step-by-step guidance for a particular user based on their job role, the relevant task, previous behavior, and the goals of a specific department. This way, employees can learn on the job based on their needs, preferred language, and format.

Automatically Keeps Users Updated With Technology Changes

As technology constantly evolves throughout the year, keeping track of any updated staff training needed to continue using a digital system can be challenging. Thankfully, digital adoption solutions can provide you with continual notifications and alerts so that employees are encouraged to learn how to use a new feature.

Tracks Individual User Progress And Motivation

To improve the digital adoption of new technology, your business needs to understand how to encourage employees to keep learning and using it. Digital adoption solutions can assist companies with this through user analytics which can track learning journeys in real time. As a result, it can be easier to understand an employee’s motivation for learning so that you can adapt their training if necessary.

Reduces The Burden On IT Support

If employees are experiencing issues with new software, IT support will be the first department they will target to resolve the issue. Digital adoption platforms can reduce this burden on your IT team by providing employees with step-by-step guidance on solving problems. This means that your IT support team can now focus more of their time on more critical projects.

Improves Employee Satisfaction And Customer Experience Simultaneously

When a digital adoption tool allows employees to learn what they need to know at their own pace, it can improve their satisfaction and productivity. Then, when your business makes it easier to follow or automate business processes, employees can spend more time providing an engaging customer experience rather than being burdened by new software which is difficult to understand. When employees are empowered to be more effective at their job, they are less likely to oppose more new technological changes.

Why Is It Important For Digital Adoption Solutions To Automate Business Processes?

Having to deal with a pandemic, the great resignation, and rising inflation costs has put additional pressure on businesses to adapt to changing customer and employee expectations. Enabling the automation of business processes through digital adoption solutions can help a business thrive in today’s ever-changing landscape. Here are the main reasons why:

Betters The Morale Of Your Employees

It can be frustrating for employees to engage in monotonous tasks every day, especially if it prevents them from focusing on more fulfilling work. When employers allow their staff to automate simpler tasks so that they can engage in work that they enjoy, it is easier to retain happier employees who thrive on using new technology. For instance, learning how to use AI tools has allowed farmers to improve the health of their crops and automate sprayers for their orchards, making farming more efficient. In addition, the Japan-Seattle Suzuki Institute uses automated billing so that their teams can focus more on providing value to customers at every stage of the relationship.

Allows You To Save Your Employees’ Time

Using digital adoption solutions for automating your organizational process can mean that tasks can be carried out in advance, but it can also save specific departments time. For example, although Albermarle initially used an AI chatbot to automate password resets, learning more about this technology helped the business turn the AI chatbot into a Q&A database for IT-related questions. This development has reduced the pressure on Abermarle’s centralized IT helpdesk as the bot is continually trained to answer various IT questions. This means that employees can now help themselves with IT issues without needing to contact or wait for the IT team to resolve them.

Empowers Your Employees To Improve Their Workday, Without Coding Or Engineering Experience

Digital adoption solutions can encourage non-technical staff to create automated digital systems without coding or engineering knowledge. This is supported by research from Microsoft, which demonstrates that 80% of individuals have said that low-code tools have helped them learn how to be more self-reliant on tasks that previously required assistance from a developer. For instance, a digital adoption solution made it easier for a non-technical employee to upskill and build an automated invoicing quickly system, which reduced human errors. This system is projected to save 300 hours per year for one organization alone.

Makes It Easier To Make Data-Driven Decisions

Using a digital adoption tool to prioritize automation can encourage your employee to make more sense of data from different areas of your business. For instance, employees could learn how to automate analytical reports, which could help them make better marketing or customer experience decisions.

As the world continually changes, it is essential to embrace digital adoption solutions to create a more efficient workplace where employees are encouraged to do better. A digital adoption tool can also assist an employee in doing more fulfilling work, leading to a better customer experience and a higher return on investment (ROI).

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