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Digital Inventory Management for All

The administrative workload in modern companies is known to be enormous. In addition to the usual bookkeeping, personnel and order management, there are a lot of other obligations, such as inventory or safety checks for equipment, tools and machines used. Sustainable handling of inventory of all kinds not only saves money, it is almost without alternative in times of scarce raw materials and incalculable delivery times. Software-based helpers such as automated maintenance planning applications can provide support regarding inventory management.

Digitally recording inventory during new acquisitions is no particular challenge. Taking inventory of all aspects of different assets, from office chairs to IT equipment to complex construction machinery, with a software solution is more difficult. At the latest when dynamic events such as locations, responsible persons and inspection dates are to be managed, Excel & Co. are likely to reach their limits.

The Swiss start-up Timly has developed a cloud-based inventory management system that is suitable for recording a wide variety of work equipment. The functions go beyond a purely static inventory: for example, maintenance planning capability and a special inventory mode are integrated.

Increasing Efficiency Through Digitalisation

Functioning processes in companies depend on details. Equipment that is not available or not ready for use disrupts processes. This causes unnecessary costs and makes planning much more difficult. Therefore, it makes sense to use software in many areas of operation. Digital inventory management is likely to offer the potential for efficiency gains in many companies.

Timly’s inventory management is based on two pillars. These are the central, secure storage of all data in the cloud and the accessibility via smartphone app (via QR code scan). Whether in the office, in the warehouse or on construction sites, access to the data is possible from anywhere. This ensures that devices can be handed over on site and the person responsible stored can be changed in real-time.

Maintenance Planning Software as an Instrument for Scheduling

Filter and evaluation options are available for planning and administration. For example, schedulers can create a qr code and then check in the maintenance planner when a machine is not available. Especially for companies that have a large number of different devices and machines, the central maintenance planner is an enormous relief. Keeping service appointments is essential for their longevity. Similarly, missed inspection dates can lead to unnecessary difficulties. For example, if an e-check is due in the office, the devices to be tested can be displayed in the maintenance planner at the touch of a button.

Inventory Management – Many Diverse Use Cases

The need for better and easier inventory management has already been recognised by those responsible in many different companies. But not just that: The maintenance management capability of Timly also helps companies keep an eye on the entire service aspect of their assets. Remaining compliant is therefore no longer a problem.

The generic approach ensures that Timly can be used in different sectors. In addition to construction companies and the manufacturing industry, users also include publishing houses, city administrations and schools. In times of increasing home office activities, it is the rule that devices are taken home. In order not to lose control of assets, a central overview based on current information about the objects is necessary.

One example of how Timly helps companies keep track of their assets is SodaStream. The world market leader for water sparkling systems for domestic use is relying on Timly to help organise their IT equipment at various locations.

The Austrian refrigeration specialist Hauser also uses the Timly inventory management software. By doing so, the company hopes to be able to identify inventory that needs repair more quickly and to automate maintenance and service management.

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