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6 Benefits of Working With a Digital Marketing Agency

Due to the global pandemic and stalling economy, most companies are incorporating cost-cutting techniques to keep their businesses afloat, and while that’s understandable, they fail to realize that cutting costs also means cutting revenue.

6 Benefits of Working With a Digital Marketing Agency

Most consumers aren’t blind to when companies skimp out on them. They notice quality decrease fast and will not hesitate to switch to your competition if you don’t step up your game.

This puts companies in a hard spot: amidst the steadily rising prices of raw materials and logistics, how do you maintain quality without causing your profits to shrink?

The answer: increase your revenue.

It may seem like an obvious answer but doing so is easier said than done. Increased revenue is any company’s goal, but how exactly does one go about achieving it?

In 2021, the easiest way you can increase your revenue is by improving your digital marketing strategy. The pandemic has irrevocably shifted user behavior into one that’s more favored towards online browsing and shopping.

The eCommerce industry is a 3.9 trillion dollar industry, and business owners need to tap into that effectively to maximize their revenue.

Experts have been saying for years that cementing yourself in the digital sphere is the key to prolonged success, and the events of 2020 only proved them right when it accelerated the rise of eCommerce and left many brick-and-mortar style businesses in the dust.

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Nowadays, users are more likely to discover new brands through social media or a Google search than through any other means.

Given this, traditional advertising tactics like TV, print, and radio ads aren’t even worth your money and focus anymore. Digital marketing is the way of the future.

Digital advertising has gotten so ubiquitous that it sprouted an industry. Companies like Indianapolis digital marketing agency make it their goal to provide services necessary to expand and stabilize a business’ online presence.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

The last thing business owners may need right now is to have another thing add to their operating costs, but research shows that digital marketing offers a great and fast return on investment.

Here are a few statistics and observations that may open your eyes to just how impactful digital marketing is to a business.

  • Companies that implemented email marketing experiences a 4400% return on investment
  • 74% of marketers that adopted targeted/personalized ads experienced increased engagement
  • 78% of businesses who use social media perform better than the competition
  • IBM boosted sales by 400% after adopting a digital marketing strategy
  • Companies with improved content marketing experience a 55% traffic increase
  • There are currently 1.5 billion active websites, and digital marketing improves brand recognition, awareness, and loyalty

With these numbers, it’s easy to see why digital marketing is more important than ever. Brands that market online faces an uphill battle in retaining user attention because they face more competition than ever, and digital marketing is one of the best ways they can keep their business on par with the competition.

However, digital marketing isn’t anything like traditional marketing. You can just film commercials and post them on external sites, social media, and your website.

Businesses are facing a new era of consumers who are more distrustful of brands and forging a connection with these consumers requires a certain level of expertise, this is why it’s not enough to just read how-to articles and think pieces online to launch a successful digital marketing campaign.

For best results, you have to work with experts like Indianapolis digital marketing agency.

Why should you work with digital marketing agencies?

1. They know how the market works

Digital marketing agencies don’t just offer creative services. Using data and research, they can provide concrete and valuable insight into market trends, technological innovations, and how these shape user behavior and preferences.

The business landscape has never been more volatile, and digital marketing experts can help you navigate with minimal risks.

2. They can help you focus on your business

Digital marketing strategies require constant monitoring and adjustment to achieve maximum return on investment. Part of digital marketing is developing content for your website and improving the design to keep users engaged.

Given this, it’s a very time-consuming process, and if you don’t have the right personnel for it, it’ll be extremely challenging. Outsourcing the work helps you focus on what you do best.

3. They give faster results

Working with an agency gives results faster since they already have a tried and tested strategy for you.

You might need a few tweaks to make it perfectly tailor-fit for your business, but in essence, it’s a strategy that’s likely to work. By starting from scratch by yourself, you’ll have to undergo trial and error, which could be time-consuming and wasteful.

4. It’s a more cost-effective solution

By outsourcing your digital marketing services, you only need to pay a set fee.

If you hire a full digital marketing team, you’ll have to pay employee benefits, equipment, digital tools, etc. on top of salaries and that might be too costly for a company just starting with digital marketing.

5. They have better risk management

An agency’s experience is valuable when something goes wrong and you need to make quick adjustments.

Experts know exactly what to do in times of crisis and can minimize the damage. If you were facing a PR crisis without experience, you could make even more mistakes and ruin your reputation irreversibly.

6. They have all the skills and tools

Working with an agency gives you access to the skills and tools that you might not have if you were trying to do things on your own. These skills and tools are valuable in gathering useful data on your demographic, site traffic, points of improvement, etc.

You can even perform more sophisticated analyses to improve your online performance like A/B testing, ad targeting, competitor analysis, and more.

Companies like Indianapolis digital marketing agency offer all the expertise you need to get a foothold in the digital sphere. By investing adequately in your online presence, you can enjoy a bigger client base, better brand awareness, and increased revenue.


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