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3 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

A startup can be incredibly demanding in every sense of the word and a vital part of the growth that is essential to its survival happens through sensible and effective digital marketing.

Digital marketing is more than just getting the word out there but crafting a lasting and impressive brand image and converting leads to sales.

Regardless of which niche your startup falls under, it is going to be met with a lot of heavy competition, particularly from more established companies that have expert teams and a wide array of products and services. Here are a few star digital marketing tips for startups.

1. Be Present

In today’s world where everyone shops online, online or web presence is everything but it is easier said than done. Having a formidable and accessible web presence is a combination of many factors requiring quite a lot of financial investment and time which you may be short of if you’re a startup.

Start with an imposing website that is well-designed, has proper headings, and has a low loading time (so customers are not discouraged and diverted to other more reputable websites).

You don’t need to have a lot of design elements on your website as that can sometimes affect its functionality. Furthermore, if your brand has a more minimalist aesthetic, you can keep the information on the website simple, easily accessible, and properly organized.

Once you have worked out a website with all the relevant information including a running blog with up-to-date articles and posts, you can move towards a Twitter account, Instagram account, and Facebook account.

You will also need a couple of email addresses where customers can reach out to you or suppliers etc can send messages. Work out an effective communication system so you are accessible to customers all the time and they feel heard.

2. Don’t Forget SEO

A startup can go miles if it employs search engine optimization early on because search engines can be a force for attracting and funneling organic web traffic to your website resulting in sales as well as greater customer awareness of your brand.

SEO, especially when done with quality content written or created and curated by experts, can result in long-term growth instead of temporary lead generation.

Hiring an SEO firm or professional has many key advantages from the utilization of keywords, links, tags, and descriptions to a more organized and mobile-friendly website for your startup business.

Long-tail keywords (more than a few words long) are the way to go after the SEO professional has done the relevant research to find keywords that will fit with your target audience perfectly.

Read a Seth Jared course review to decide if you want to get professionally trained in SEO and similar digital marketing techniques.

3. An Educative Voice

Bombarding the customer with advertising or posts is not the point of digital marketing. Your purpose should be to educate the customer, provide them with insight and knowledge, and then encourage them to make up their mind with a ‘call to action.’

Research has indicated spamming customers actually reduces web and social media traffic to build a voice behind the content for originality.


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