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5 Helpful Digital Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Did you know that brands spend over 25% of their marketing budget on their content?

Content marketing can cost upwards of 60% less than traditional marketing and usually, companies who do content right, report that they get three times more leads than in traditional ways.

Now, content marketing is about creating the right content with the right information aimed at the right audience. The truth is, that can also be used to describe most of what digital marketing is.

Digital marketing is simply about delivering your brand message at the time, in the right format, on the correct platform. Feeling a little overwhelmed?

Keep reading for 5 helpful digital marketing tips for your small business.

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1. Focus Some on Local SEO

Not many businesses realize that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has another whole side to it, and that’s the local side.

The thing is, people will generally search for services or products that are close to them geographically speaking before all else.

Local SEO gives small businesses a chance to grab their piece of the market over large corporate competitors.

For example, someone who needs new tires on the car wouldn’t search ‘tires California’ but rather ‘tires Burbank’, so they don’t have to travel too far.

2. Optimize for Mobile

Your website needs to work on all devices, all the time.

Over half of all web traffic originates on mobile devices.

If your potential customer is coming to you from a smartphone or a tablet, then you need to ensure that your content and business information is easily accessible and readable from that device.

3. Track Your Website Metrics

Track your website metrics! Track keyword rankings! Track your traffic!

Without tracking the traffic that your website gets, your digital marketing could suffer because you have no solid data with which to make educated, informed decisions.

By tracking data, you could perhaps see that 90% of your traffic comes from your Facebook page, and only 5% from your LinkedIn page, which means your audience might be more on Facebook and you can focus your efforts.

4. Don’t Neglect Email

Email marketing has always been a successful tool in any marketer or small business’ repertoire.

Email is great because it’s a consistent way for you to create contact with prospects, maintain contact with current customers, or even upsell to old customers.

You can tailor your message to say just about anything, and if you automate the process, you could see big returns.

5. Content Truly Is King

The age-old proverb:

Content is king! Well, it truly is.

The content you create and publish can be an amazing springboard for you to generate qualified leads for your business. Or, it can do nothing for you. The content you create should be driven by your ideal target audience and who you believe should be buying your product.

If you target your content correctly and on the right platforms, you should start to see steady increases in engagement and lead generation.

Digital Marketing Tips: Do It Digital and Do It Right

When it comes to digital marketing tips, there really is no one-size-fits-all approach. What works for the plumber on the other side of town might not necessarily work for you.

But with digital marketing, there’ll be trial and error, and you’ll soon figure out the recipe that works for your small business, simply be open-minded and willing to take risks.

Haven’t taken the leap yet and started your small business? We’ve got great tips for how to open those doors, keep reading.


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