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Thoughts on the Digital Presence of Startups: Is Social Media Already Worthless?

There is no doubt that startups are one of the most unique forms of business, that need a lot of attention to grow and occupy a space in the competitive market. Although in different countries governments and local regulations support newly-formed business ideas, there is still plenty of work to do if you own a startup.

Focusing on the general idea of our topic, it’s important to emphasize that being a part of the conversation is essential for companies from the viewpoint of marketing and public relations. This is even more true for startups since they need to tell people about their mission, initiatives, etc.

There are several ways to keep the digital presence active, for instance, creating and keeping active the official website, running social media platforms… But let’s pause this here: Are social media platforms a legit way to engage in conversation with the public?

Until a couple of years ago, social media channels were a must, and you could even find some businesses that didn’t have a website but necessarily had several social media channels. Right after Mark Zuckerberg announced their plans to kind of give up on Facebook and create a Metaverse platform, that no one had an exact idea about, everything messed up in this field. But let’s go through this one by one and understand whether social media is still needed for startups to boost their ideas.

Nothing Is Irreplaceable: Look At Traditional Casinos

No, seriously. Traditional casinos were not just a type of business, or some buildings where people visited and spent money to have fun or to earn money. Casinos have been an era, influencing several generations even in arts and culture. There are countless movies if not dedicated to casinos then at least containing some casino scenes. There are songs, paintings, stories, etc. After the advent of cryptocurrencies, when Bitcoin casino platforms saw significant growth, people realized that the golden era of traditional casinos is closed.

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The point is that sometimes when societies experience any kind of phenomenon, it may seem irreplaceable or almost eternal, whereas reality proves the opposite. An interesting innovation in the financial world, with the face of cryptocurrencies, could affect not only that field, but also fundamentally change many other sectors, and bitcoin casinos are only one example.

Some people had the sense that social media platforms may go through a downfall when the founder of an almost 20-year-old company announced “We are not Facebook anymore”, and didn’t exactly explain who they are afterward. So, the giant of social media platforms has already been replaced by its owners.

If Mature Businesses Leave Social Media, Why Wouldn’t Startups?

The opinions about social media platforms vary. Whatever people talk about the major players – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, businesses have already started leaving those platforms for different reasons. Unfortunately, those reasons may concern startups as well.

One of those issues is about the algorithms, that are no more user-centric. If in the beginning, a company page could be promoted based on the interest of the users, now it’s not the case. Obviously, company-related content has no space, unless it’s been paid for by the account admins.

With this being said, why would a startup invest time and human resources in social media platforms and remain unnoticed? Moreover, let’s not forget that a big part of business relations is being present in the professional community. Current tendencies, however, show that those communities started avoiding social media platforms. Some big companies have never even been active on certain platforms, such as Apple – on Facebook.

Despite mentioning these facts, it’s worth emphasizing that no one claims that currently, social media usage is going down, since the number of active users has been growing from 2,73 billion in 2017 to almost 5 billion in 2023. Here, we talk about the benefits business can get from keeping their social media channels active, and the tendencies among many companies to talk loudly about what’s what.

Websites and SEO are Still Working:

Establishing and maintaining an official website can still be a powerful tool for startups to gain visibility and engage with their target audience effectively. Websites offer a centralized platform where businesses can showcase their mission, products, and services, serving as a digital office, that provides potential customers with a deeper understanding of the brand and its mission.

One significant advantage of having a website is that it will allow your startup to gather a community of loyal customers by creating informative and engaging content. So, this is basically what many do on social media, but on the contrary, algorithms here do not have total control over your content success. A nice work of search engine optimization can solve this issue in your favor and enhance brand visibility.

To see both sides of the coin, let’s not forget that everything is individual, also when we talk about the effectiveness of social media platforms. Despite the ongoing tendencies, you may keep the channels of your startup active as long as it helps to achieve the business goals in terms of successful public relations and marketing communications.

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