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Work It, Girl! Be A Direct Sales Entrepreneur

You’ve probably been hit up by one or two of your childhood classmates about their business opportunities. It’s so prevalent it’s become a joke across social media platforms—these “girl bosses” who only want to be your friend…so you’ll join their business.

But the reality is direct selling can be an exciting, lucrative, and great way to engage with like-minded entrepreneurs through companies with storied success—despite the Tik Toks poking fun at the Girl Boss aesthetic.

A Perfect Match

For decades, women have been drawn to direct selling opportunities. It’s business on your terms—you put in as much as you’d like to get out of it. According to, “Direct selling marries the progressive values of women having careers with traditional family values, thus enabling them to find work-life balance.”

Whether or not you have kids or a career or a side gig with a direct selling company, it’s all about balance. And once you’ve found a company you like and products you’re enthusiastic about, it’s as simple as signing up and sharing what you love.

Who Are The Good Ones?

You’ll find the best companies are members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). They hold to a strict code of ethics and play by the rules to protect their business, distributors, and customers. And they bring quality products, rich histories, and sellers who trust them implicitly. Let’s meet a few!

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  • USANA Health Sciences, Inc. is a leader in the nutritional and skincare industry. This company prides itself in using science to back up its award-winning products—created by teams of scientists and experts in their respective fields. They’ve built a brand with loyal distributors and customers who enjoy the benefits of their groundbreaking Nutritionals, luxurious skincare, and Active Nutrition foods line to support customers’ lives in motion. The “USANA lifestyle” heavily values reaching personal goals and sharing good health with others. And they have the clout to back it up—more Olympic athletes trust USANA than any other nutritional supplement company.
  • Mary Kay is a pillar of the direct selling industry—and for good reason. This iconic brand started in 1963 with one foundation and four skincare products and has blossomed into an international, multi-billion-dollar company. It deserves its spot among the best with its commitment to quality—and the loyal women who adore its makeup and skincare products. Selling Mary Kay is easy and inexpensive. Their Beauty Consultants know they represent a solid brand with products they can proudly stand behind.
  • Since 1980, home cooks have been stocking their kitchens and spoiling themselves with Pampered Chef. Today, 65,000 consultants worldwide proudly sell and host parties to share high-quality kitchen gadgets and tools. The company and sellers strive to simplify mealtimes for families, giving them more time to spend creating memories and traditions. And it’s not only fun additions to your kitchen—they also create delicious recipes! With proven longevity—and products durable enough to hand down from generation to generation—Pampered Chef is one of the best direct-selling companies to buy from or sell with.

And these aren’t the only ones! You can find great companies to sell for across all industries. If wax melts and essential oils are more your thing, Scentsy might be a great option for you! Or if you like a functional kitchen and lavish dining sets, you may want to try Princess House. And if you’re all about totes, bags, and home décor, invest in the ever-so-popular Thirty-One Gifts!

Foster Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Any company you partner with should help with the heavy lifting. Look for them to offer some of these invaluable resources:

  • A personalized website featuring your info so you get the credit for your sales.
  • Training courses so you know the best (and most ethical) ways to share your passion.
  • Marketing tools like a library of professional product pics you can easily post on social media and ideas for more ways to share.

Direct selling is all about you and what you love. Earn a modest commission selling products you use and want to promote and surround yourself with a community that celebrates your favorite things with you. There’s a whole world of opportunities out there, and your only limit is your imagination!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.