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Discover & Share Stellar Marketing Content with Zest

In this age of fast pace technology, everyone prefers solutions customized to their needs and requirements, and especially when you are a professional aiming to excel in your industry, you need tools and resources personalized according to your job function.
So, if you are a freelance marketer, an independent blogger or a marketing expert who is part of a big team, the best way to take your career to the next level is by improving your skills and learning new skills which you can do through constant learning. However, it is not that easy to find most relevant and useful information easily and in timely manner.

You might already have subscribed to tens of marketing blogs, but never got a chance to read their latest articles, because some of these are not relevant to your job profile, and the ones that match your interest go unread because you didn’t find them on time.

This is where Zest makes a huge difference and delivers what is most valuable for marketers. A tab-feed of content for marketers from marketers which is manually moderated, an so only the most valuable content goes live and you find the  desired content right in your browser, without wasting any time. To make most out of Zest, you have to choose the marketing tags that are most relevant to you, i.e. B2B Marketing, Growthhacking etc. and you will find your personalized filtered content without spending any research hours. And, as it is a tab-feed, you never miss the new entries.

You may also suggest the content that you feel is valuable, but make sure it is something shareworthy and. Zest’s basic version is free, however, if you want your content to reach a broader audience, you can boost your content anytime to get more exposure. As per Zest statistics, the boosted content receives 10 times more clicks.

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Since, Zest is not just a platform to share your your content, but is a community of serious marketing professionals who actually strive for the best content, so you should be sure that your money and effort will yield results.

Zest in Their Own Words:

Zest is a scalable content distillation platform. We convert information overload to professional knowledge using a human-based computation and machine learning to separate and spread high quality content.

What Brings Zest to the Spotlight:

Big time saver for finding actionable marketing advice.


Zest Website: Zest 

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.