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What Is DNS Server For Gaming and How To Choose The Best DNS

Have you ever seen a webpage address and wondered why it was like that? You must probably wonder who the people who decide the domain names to use for websites are.

There is a whole hierarchy of infrastructure that governs the way to convert a domain/website name into a unique IP address.

So what is DNS? DNS is nothing but the abbreviation of Domain Name System, which acts as an online phone book.

A Domain Name System (DNS) is explained in detail to translate human-friendly computer hostnames into the numerical IP addresses needed to locate and communicate with computer services on the Internet.

In this guide, we will explain what DNS is, how DNS servers work, and which is the best DNS for gaming.

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Let us begin it.

What Is A DNS Server?

A DNS server is a service that translates a domain name into IP address. It’s basically an alternative to the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS), a system of computers throughout the world that function as a sort of directory for websites.

A browser is supposed to accomplish here to access the website’s information and attach it to the root server behind employing your IP address.

If Having the IP address of your website handy can allow you to locate your website without the help of a DNS server or domain name.

This item can stand so tiring and frustrating. An effective DNS server can solve this problem, as it typically responds to requests for DNS information.

How To Select A Fine DNS Server For Your Game Server Requirements?

One significant thing you’ll need to consider when choosing to pick your online game’s DNS server is quickness. Any buffering can cause the game not to load. Your game may even lose vital details due to it.

As a result, you may want to use a high-speed DNS server to avoid the possibility of your game being delayed.

You can use Namebench to see which servers are performing well. By using this tool, you can locate the top DNS server.

Which DNS Server Should You Employ For video Gaming? Top 3

Finding the perfect gaming DNS requires something extraordinary, as you’ll be required to assess various opportunities to discover an appropriate match.

In this article, we will discuss the 3 fastest and best DNS servers for gaming.

1.   Google Public DNS

A lot of people use Google Public DNS as their DNS server for gaming because it’s fast and reliable. This is a very popular DNS server that is used by many gamers.

It has been around for many years so you will find many servers available to you. With Google Public DNS, you can enhance your gaming experience even more by increasing the speed of your internet connections.

In addition, this DNS normally supports IPv6, providing an enhanced level of security. In addition, it also protects you from DoS and cache poisoning attacks.


  • Protection
  • Quickness
  • No problem with filters


  • None

2.   Cloudflare

Cloudflare offers a range of protections for your web server against cyber-attacks. As a safe and reliable fastest DNS server for gaming, the DNS server can be a useful gaming DNS server.

In terms of the Cloudflare servers, there are many talking points, and every talking point speaks volumes about the quality this service offers.

On top of that, Cloudflare also brings high uptime followed by swift internet speed. Moreover, Cloudflare also rescues your system, providing heightened security.


  • Awesome uptime
  • Increased speed
  • Privacy


  • You’ll need to ensure that the websites you’re going into are safe.

3.   Quad9

Quad9 doesn’t disappoint you with its remarkable services that make one’s gaming experience memorable when looking for quality and reliability.

On top of that, Quad9 comes with a built-in filter and tends to take notice of malicious activities taking place around. This DNS server comes with a security scheme that safeguards against malware attacks.


  • Confidential
  • Free
  • Extra safety action


  • Your system might not like high-security.

How to Prevent DNS Attacks On Your Game Server

DNS attacks interrupt your gameplay, make your important data vulnerable, and increase the risk of your personal data being stolen.

Follow the guidelines below to prevent DNS attacks:

  • To avoid any DNS attack threat, the DNS servers should be updated regularly.
  • You may also want to restrict external users’ use of the resolver to avoid caching issues.
  • DNS caches need to be cleared across extensive and local area networks.
  • To prevent a potential DNS attack, a proper firewall should be installed.
  • You might switch from the server that is supposedly under attack to a different server that hosts the organization’s architecture on a different server if the server is reportedly under attack.
  • You might survive or prevent a DNS attack if you encrypt the network using an encryption tool.


For good online gaming performance, it’s essential to have a DNS server that is reliable and fast. In choosing a good DNS server, you can filter the results by server location, latency, and various other metrics.

Throughout this article, we have described roughly how a DNS server works. Moreover, we’ve listed the three best gaming DNS servers.

Ultimately, choosing the best DNS servers for gaming is up to you. You want to choose a high-quality service that is also affordable for your budget and offers features that fit your needs. Study your choices carefully and make your decision from there.


Which DNS server is the quickest?

It is worth experimenting with all the DNS servers we’ve discussed overhead to create a flawless gaming endeavor. However, Cloudflare takes the lead in nourishing a quicker connection. There is no doubt that Cloudflare works comparatively fast and accurately.

Does the DNS server have any importance for video gaming?

DNS servers reduce lag and cushioning, which in turn s the internet speed, especially when a DNS server is operated.

What is the difference between a VPS for gaming and a DNS server?

There is a clear difference between a VPS and DNS server for gaming, with DNS standing as a protocol and VPS operating as a virtual desktop. However, you’ve gained the opportunity to simultaneously use both for online games.

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