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Does Your Commercial Kitchen Need An Extraction Fan?

When managing a commercial kitchen like the ones in cafes, catering businesses, restaurants, and other food businesses, installing a commercial extraction fan is very important. The installation process involves setting up a branch of ventilation and extraction to improve the quality of air in the kitchen. Fan installation in the kitchen is important because dust, grease-laden air, and smoke have to be eliminated. 

Features of Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

Proper kitchen extraction systems are comprised of several main elements. To begin with, a stainless steel canopy is needed to extract particles and gases from the kitchen atmosphere. It is prudent for canopies to have easy-to-remove filters to allow regular replacement and cleaning.

To effectively discharge fumes, ducting is required. This needs to be correctly installed with care especially when it comes to ducting placement. Proximity to offices or residential areas could lead to complaints.

Commercial kitchen extraction systems also require fans correctly placed within the ducting. This allows for fumes to be extracted through the ducting from the hood. To ensure sufficient ventilation, the right fans need to be chosen. Note that, most systems, particularly for frying food kitchens, require grease and carbon filters within the ducting. Moreover, easy access to all system’s parts is important for cleaning and maintenance.

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Why Your Restaurant Needs A Commercial Extraction Fan

There are several reasons why commercial kitchens should have extraction fans. More importantly, you should have your extraction fan installed by an experienced and competent provider. For instance, Fan Services Ltd offer commercial kitchen extraction fan installation across London. One thing about Fan Services is that it has been in business for the longest time making it one of the most experienced extraction fan installation providers across London. So if you happen to live in and around London or anywhere else, make sure to hire a trusted provider like them.

Installing an extraction fan in a commercial kitchen provides some of the best working conditions. You will enjoy spending time in your commercial kitchen once you install an extraction fan. Additionally, your staff will appreciate working in a conducive environment, and their output will improve considerably. According to research, installing an extraction fan in a commercial kitchen is the way to go if the business owner wants to realize efficient performance and higher profits.

An extraction fan removes cooking fumes at the source. Cooking fumes are removed by introducing cool, clean air in the kitchen to replace the excess hot air. Extraction fans also provide sufficient air for complete combustion. This helps prevent the danger of carbon monoxide accumulation which leads to death by suffocation.

Does Your Commercial Kitchen Need One?

For most commercial kitchens, the answer is yes. Without an extraction fan, the Local Authority may deny planning permission. Additionally, it is against the law not to have an acceptable kitchen extraction system. Commercial kitchen owners are also required by the law to maintain their kitchen extraction systems frequently to reduce fire risks and protect the customers and staff.

Fire Inspectors and Local Authorities regularly inspect food establishments to review their maintenance programs and kitchen extraction systems. Therefore, your commercial kitchen needs a working kitchen extraction system to act in accordance with the set laws. It is advisable to always keep certificates of cleanliness issued by professional kitchen cleaning companies for inspection purposes.

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