Doneo Castle Destroys the Viruses Before They Infect Your Device

Laptops, tablet, mobile phones and other smart devices are open to a number of different threats; most of which come from downloaded data. We cannot avoid such threats also, because many times we have to connect to a public network which may be affected by viruses or malware.

These problems may be too small that they cause a minor difficulty in some processes or maybe highly damaging that they may destroy your system. So, prevention is always better than cure and to prevent your device, do try the free trial of Doneo Castle.

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Unlike antiviruses (which destroy viruses when it has already infected your device), Doneo Castle destroy viruses before infection. You connect to the internet from your device using secure network of Doneo Castle, its super genius search engine checks for viruses and malware and your device receives clean and safe data only.

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It’s a good alternative to antivirus software not just in terms of cost, but also in terms of performance. Antivirus software slow down your device while you will not find any speed breaker with Doneo Castle!

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It’s equally good for consumers, small businesses, enterprises and software developers. Do give it a try!

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Doneo Castle in Their Own Words:

Doneo Castle is the first product created by Doneo LLC in October 2015. It is a cloud based security solution for individual clients around the world who connect to it via a VPN connection that surely has no process on their device. Its core is a CMTPS (Cloud-based Multi-Engine Threat Prevention System) that uses multiple antivirus software as threat detection mechanism simultaneously to make sure that the data received by the client are as safe and virus-free as possible.

What Brings Doneo Castel to the Spotlight:

It prevents the device before infection.

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