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doVibe for Sharing Every Moment with the People Who Matter in Your Life

Social networking sites are great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but most of us have more Facebook friends than in real life. With so many people in friend’s list, the timeline is often so crowded that finding an update from a real life friend is just too difficult.

Social networking sites where you have hundreds of friends, are not just time consuming but also make you less social in real life, i.e. imagine you just missed some celebration!

Strong networking with 10 of real life friends is way better than 100 acquaintances on a social network and to build a strong real life network you need something that keeps you posted about them in real time. Do check out doVibe for connecting with real life friends in more effective way. With doVibe, you can post and get real time updates from your friends. You don’t need to scroll the timeline to filter the results, rather you get all the updates at a glance.

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Simply share with your friends exactly what you are doing at the moment. Interact with friends by posting fresh vibes; vibes can be anything, i.e. mood, feeling, activity update etc. You can reply to friends’ vibes with vibes, videos or pictures and can also nudge them to get an update on a to-do list. It’s more than just fun!

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doVibe is available for Android and iOS both and can work on 3G, 4G and Wifi networks.

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doVibe in Their Own Words:

doVibe is a social platform that uses interactive elements called ‘vibes’; which are any activity, mood or state of being an individual can get involved in during a day, and by users updating to relevant vibes and their friends doing likewise, they create an amazing avenue with lots of different interaction possibilities.

A user can always know; at a simple glance, exactly what each and every one of his/her friends are up to, at any given moment, just like Mrs. Weasley of the Harry Potter Book Series when she looked at her clock in her kitchen. At doVibe, we give users that kind of experience and much more, but without the magic of course.

One can know when a friend is at #Work, #Sick, #NeedsaLaugh, or just #Bored, so as they can share with them as relevant to their present ‘vibe’.

What Brings doVibe to the Spotlight:

It connects friends in more productive way; more fun and less time waste!

doVibe Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.