Download Any Video with TubeNinja’s Simple URL Trick

Video streaming is probably one of the best advancements in web technology, when it comes to user experience. However, not everyone has access to high speed internet all the time.

Many times you want to watch videos at places with no internet access or else you have a limited data plan; let it be researching different exercises before a workout at gym, quick recipe while camping or practicing special dance for an event. Downloading and watching videos offline can be helpful in all such cases, but finding a good app is another headache!

TubeNinja solves this problem, with a simple URL magic. All you need to do is to add dl in the video URL before the site name and it will take you to a page from where you can download the video right away.

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Alternately you can paste the video URL in the TubeNinja search bar too or else can add their drag button in the toolbar.

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It’s simple, easy to use and saves lot of time that you may have spent in searching for a good video downloader. And yes, it’s free! Give it a try and hopefully you will stick to it because you know that downloading a video needs only a dl in the video URL!

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TubeNinja in Their Own Words:

Save from streaming sites by simply adding “dl” in the url and clicking enter. TubeNinja allows saving of videos and audio from popular streaming sites. No need for installation. Simple to use URL-trick and bookmarklet!

What Brings TubeNinja to the Spotlight:

A simple URL trick and the video is ready to be downloaded!

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