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DPS from Terabit Security; A Complete Protection against DDoS Attacks

With the growth of internet, businesses can grow and expand faster, but only when maximum security is ensured. The fact of the matter is that online world is never safe, and you must take privacy and security concerns of your business very seriously. The bad guys have always been there on the internet; looking for the weaknesses of businesses and security loopholes and misusing the business resources for unethical practices.

DDoS is one such common practice by the hackers today, whereby they maliciously attack businesses to make a server or a network resource unavailable to users. You may be thinking of DDos as just another hacking attack, but it may cost you your whole business.

Data theft, reputation loss, decreased productivity and overall revenue loss all happen at once with such an attack. The only solution is to have an efficient system that detects all such attacks and recommends instant measures to secure your resources.

Terabit DDoS Protection System DPS is an all in one software package for the detection of DDoS attacks and their subsequent treatment. The software application provides an optimized 64 bits installable DDoS Protection System ready to be integrated in your own physical hardware. Once installed, it will take care of everything!

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The installable format can be deployed in a diverse set of platforms and also provides support for a broad multi-vendor hardware equipment.  Further, it has the capability of flexible and customized installations. The software is quick to install, easy to use and has very prompt response time, i.e. it detects an attack immediately, within 1 – 2 seconds.

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Technical users may wonder, how actually it works. So here goes the detail:

DPS conducts automatic traffic analysis to identify and eliminate malicious traffic; the malicious traffic is evaluated under multiple criteria (Destination Prefix, Source Prefix, IP Protocol, Source or Destination Port, Destination Port, Source Port, ICMP Type, ICMP Code, TCP flags, Packet length, DSCP, Fragment Encodings, traffic-rate, traffic-action, traffic-marking, etc.) and subsequently sent to the edge router for further filtering.

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Now coming to the price, it’s actually very cost effective when you compare the benefits with the cost.

Certainly, a must try for businesses that want to combat DDos attacks timely and more effectively.

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DPS in Their Own Words:

Terabit DDoS Protection System DPS is a software package for the detection of DDoS attacks and their subsequent treatment. Terabit DPS will help to ensure maximum availability of your network and eliminate any disruptions caused by DoS / DDoS attacks.

In recent years, severity and complexity of DDoS attacks has been increasing significantly. Even low volume attack is capable of shutting down the internet connection in the Company. Consequently, protection from DDoS attacks has become a business requirement. Realising the business risks and costs associated with DDoS, Terabit Security has developed DPS (DDoS Protection System) to resolve these issues. Effective solution to DDoS attacks addresses 2 main problems. First, full automation of the detection and tracking process. Second, availability of adequate contingency plans and technical resources.


What Brings DPS to the Spotlight:

Faster automatic traffic analysis to identify and eliminate malicious traffic instantly.


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