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Why is dropshipping with Stelvel Eood beneficial?

Are you looking for a way to increase your business profits? Dropshipping with Stelvel Eood is the perfect solution! Our company cooperates with global manufacturers of industrial equipment, suppliers of textiles, electronics and agricultural products. Our clients are large distributors, international trading networks, world-famous hypermarkets.

Dropshipping is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a serious business model. Dropshippers do not need to invest huge amounts of money in goods, freeze working capital, rent a warehouse or storage space. Dropshipping sellers sell goods in their online stores, on marketplaces and in social networks.

Careful selection vs. incompetence

Stelvel (Stelvel Company) brings together: the end consumer (customer, buyer), the dropshipper (seller) and the supplier (manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler), it is responsible for the quality of the goods and their delivery to the end consumer. Before entering the online marketplace, Stelvel Eood all network partners are carefully screened and vetted.

Unfortunately, we have more than once come across those who unknowingly or carelessly fell into the trap of an incompetent supplier. Lost money, customer trust.

Advantages of dropshipping with Stelvel Eood

How to control someone who is on another continent a thousand kilometers away? How to conclude a profitable contract and not to miscalculate? Stelvel Eood’s online shopping platform is always at your service!

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Dropshipping stelvel eood is:

  1. Low overhead costs. When you work with the dropshipping scheme, you can not worry about the initial investment and stocks. Choose the product you are interested in and start your cooperation via Stelvel Eood online platform.
  2. fast product delivery. Stelvel Eood monitors the network partners, check the quality of service from order to delivery.
  3. Comprehensive customer support. Stelvel experts are always there – they help to find the necessary goods, negotiate with manufacturers, getting favourable prices and special delivery terms. Cold calls, hotline calls, complicated deals – all this is easily solved by Stelvel Eood team.
  4. Variety and a large assortment. Wholesale buyers, small retailers and dropshippers always find interesting and unusual offers on Stelvel Eood’s online site.
  5. Benefit to the manufacturer. By partnering with Stelvel Eood, the manufacturer gets new markets, marketing promotion and increases its presence on advertising platforms.
  6. Network of the checked up suppliers. Stelvel Eood’s specialists quickly and accurately check all the participants of the deal. They control certification of products, their availability, quantity and prices. Conduct quick and accurate audits of both the purity and quality of transactions.

The three “right” things to do

Dropshipping is profitable if you have the “right” supplier, you sell the “right” product, and you promote your business the “right” way. Stelvel Eood always finds unconventional solutions, acts unconventional and creative. Bulgaria is the country where profitable offers from Stelvel Eood partners turn into real and profitable deals.

To make your business idea profitable and further development, Stelvel Eood conducts:

– market and competitor research

– screening of counterparties

– search for less loaded niches and direct producers

– Selection of suppliers and quality products

– Analysis of new sales and marketing strategies

What is the best way to trade? Often the answer to this question is the hardest part and not just of online business. You can start with something widely known and then narrow your offer to a specific niche by focusing your energy, time, energy and funds on a specific and most profitable product. Take into account the needs and interests of buyers, build both the proposal and pricing strategy under their needs and interests.

The beginning of any serious business often seems to be a difficult and frightening task in the unknown. Don’t worry, Stelvel Eood will always be there for you. Competitive prices, fast delivery, partner support and a proven network of suppliers will make your business profitable and successful!

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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