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DSL vs. Cable: Which Is the Right Option for You?

What is a smart shopper or a smart choice? A person who is well informed about what he wants, what are his needs, what are his requirements, and how he can attain those requirements is a smart shopper.

When you are aware of what is better for you, you will make a choice that will be beneficial for you not only in the present moment but also in the future.

When we talk about the internet, we talk about a source that helps us to sustain our livelihood, education, entertainment, and relationships. Internet is a world of endless possibilities, you work, you learn, you connect and you enjoy your free time with help of a good internet connection.

There are different types of internet connections available like CenturyLink is a DSL internet provider and WOW! internet offers cable internet, etc.

There are many options in the market for internet services. The question that you should be asking yourself before investing in any internet service provider is that what are the latest trends? Will this internet service provider give you an internet connection that will be suitable for your usage or not?

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Can you get high-speed and high-quality internet service at affordable rates? How you can avail the opportunities that will allow you to save some extra bucks?

Well, today we will make it easier for you by informing you about the best cable provider and DSL provide, before that it is important to know what is DSL internet and what is cable internet.

We will mention the top and high ended providers that will make the advantages clear for you, so you can easily make a choice. Let’s dig in.

Understand DSL AND CABLE internet technology and providers:

The 21st century is all about advancements. The DSL technology requires an active phone jack whereas the cable provider does not require any sort of phone jack. The latest technology is cable. It is better to choose an internet connection that offers more benefits than others.

What Is DSL Internet and How Does It Function?

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a type of Internet access that uses the wires that are used for phone calls to send data. DSL technology was invented in the mid-1990s by Bellcore, a research arm of the seven regional holding companies that owned the Baby Bells at the time.

A DSL modem takes data from your computer and encodes it into a format that can be transmitted over the broadband provider’s phone lines. At the other end, a DSL modem then decodes this data and sends it back to your computer.

What Is a Cable Internet Connection and How Does It Function?

Cable internet is an internet connection through cable lines. Cable internet providers use coaxial cables or fiber optic cables to connect the users to their service. As compared to DSL, cable internet offers faster speeds and more bandwidth capacity.

A modem is a device that takes the signal from your provider and converts it into something you can use to access the internet. A router is another device that takes the internet signal from your modem and broadcasts it throughout your home or office so multiple devices can connect.

Cable and DSL Internet Providers

Wow! Internet That Is a Cable Internet Provider

WOW! or Wide Open West is a cable internet provider. It is a regional cable internet provider and is currently offering services in a total of 9 states around the West side of the US. They offer very high-speed internet options. The internet speed varies from location to location.

The minimum speed can start from 25 Mbps and can reach up to 1000 Mbps. There are many additional perks that include free installation of services on all online orders, free access to wifi hotspots, and much more.

Spectrum the Internet That Is a Cable Internet

Spectrum is one of the top providers in the US for internet, cable TV, and home phone. Spectrum uses Coax cable which is the latest technology. Spectrum has different pans.

You can make a call to Spectrum customer service number and ask their rep about options that you have on your address. It is important to mention the address because at some places the minimum speed tier is 100 Mbps per sec and at some places, the minimum speed is up to 100 or 200 Mbps.

There is the option to choose 400 Mbps that costs $20 on top and it is called the ultra-fast speed internet and the highest internet speed is 1 Gig. All these packages have no data caps; you will get truly unlimited data without any boundaries.

There are no contracts required and there are no charges like early termination fees. You also get a free internet modem along with any internet speed. Spectrum also provides you access for free to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots through which you may easily connect various devices.

Centurylink the Internet Provider That Uses Dsl Technology:

It is the best internet provider. Now that you know what is  DSL internet, you can better understand its advantages of it. Even if you have a house outside the city limits you can have CenturyLink internet even there.

CenturyLink offers various internet speeds, you can have 100 Mbps and it reaches up to 940 Mbps and that will cost you more. There are no contracts required. You will need an active phone jack to get the internet services installed.

They offer free activation and discount on rental equipment as well, you can also connect various devices along with the Wi-Fi router. The data limit for all the internet packages is 1 TB.

What Is the Best Option for You?

You should choose an internet provider that has more benefits. Spectrum offers the latest technology for internet services plus you can bundle up your services with Cable TV and home phone service as well to add more value to your money.

WOW! the internet offers the most affordable internet packages. CenturyLink is also an amazing provider but you will need a computer as well as a phone jack.

Summing Up

All three providers mentioned above require no contract, you can keep their services for as long as you want. With Spectrum, you can make changes in your plan at any point if you want and add other services as well.

The freedom of choice that you get with Spectrum is more than what you will be getting from the DSL provider CenturyLink.  WOW! internet has limited availability but they offer the best prices. You can choose any ISP that is available in your area.


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