Durability and Preservation: 5 Reasons to Start Laminating Your Documents

Despite the increasing use of digital records, there are certain records that can only be available on paper, i.e. academic certificates, property documents and many other business documents.

Well, paper documents are fragile. That’s why they need protection. While some documents can be stored in filing cabinets to protect them from the elements, it makes little sense to file documents that need to be referenced frequently or shown off just to preserve them.

Instead of hiding them away, find out about five of the reasons that business owners and consumers laminate their documents.

Protection from Spills

Even a small spill can wind up causing irreparable damage to paper documents. In fact, the paper doesn’t even have to come into direct contact with pools of liquid to be damaged. If someone so much as picks up a piece of paper while his or her hands are still wet after washing, the document may be ruined.

Laminated documents aren’t susceptible to moisture damage. Even if they’re temporarily submerged in water, the liquid can just be wiped away. Business owners, artists, and consumers who want to laminate their own documents can see great laminating machines online to check out their options.

Prevent Rips

Even when it isn’t exposed to moisture, the paper isn’t the sturdiest material. It’s also prone to rips and tears. The best way to prepare paper documents for frequent handling is to have them laminated since there’s no way to easily rip plastic.

For instance, lamination can protect and enhance the life of of menu for your small scale restaurant/cafe, or a kiosk that offers some services.

Hanging Outdoor Flyers

Some paper documents, such as promotional flyers, need to be hung outside where they will be exposed not just to water but also to constant sun, wind, dust, and debris. An unprotected sheet of paper wouldn’t stand a chance, but one that has been laminated will withstand just about anything nature can throw at it.

Preparing for Presentations

Lamination enhances the appearance of documents by making them look more finished. Business professionals who use pouch laminators can even purchase pouches that feature sticky backs so they can adhere to their documents to other surfaces. This makes it much easier to prepare for important presentations. It also ensures that any paper documents that must be passed around can be handled without risking damage.

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Preserving Documents

Even if a document will be stored indoors and won’t be exposed to constant handling, lamination can still preserve it much more effectively than storage in a folder or a filing cabinet. This advantage of laminating documents applies not just to business owners but also to average consumers who can laminate important family documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and award certificates, photographs, and more.

Protecting important documents, photographs, or even children’s artwork for posterity will give families the chance to share their most cherished achievements and memories with younger generations without worrying about whether they will fade or become damaged. Purchasing a laminator for home use offers a cost-effective way to ensure the preservation of a family’s legacy without having to entrust strangers with sensitive documents or information.

The Bottom Line

There are almost as many reasons to laminate a piece of paper as there are documents to be protected. Business owners looking for an easy and affordable way to create paper employee IDs that won’t fade over time, families who want to preserve their documents for future generations, and working professionals who want to make the best impression on their superiors all use this technology. The most cost-effective way to laminate a wide range of documents is to purchase a specialized laminator for home or office use, so get started shopping around today.