tips for office renovation or relocation
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Things You Must Know When Planning Your Office Renovation or Relocation

Planning an office renovation or relocation?

It is said that sometimes change is inevitable. As a business, there are several reasons that may make you want to relocate to a different location. We can all agree that an office move can take a toll on business if not done carefully. Therefore, it is essential to hire an efficient and reliable moving company.

This way, you’ll have very little to worry about. But, how do you ensure that you have a successful business relocation?

Tips for Planning Your Office Renovation or Relocation

To begin with, there are several things that you have to do prior. These include proper planning, choosing the best location, and making your relocation announcement among other things.

Whether your business is big or small, making a business relocation announcement is among the essential things because your clients and business partners will know that you’re still operational.

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We shall have a look at some of the few things that will make your office move an easy and successful exercise:

  • Making moving arrangements and plans at least three or six months before the actual moving date.
  • Establishing the amount of space you’ll need and choosing a suitable location for your business early.
  • Hiring a reliable moving company on time. Avoid any last-minute rush.
  • Involve your employees in the process.
  • Establish clear communication with all the necessary individuals concerning the move.
  • Notify your customers, business partners, government bodies, financial institutions, and any other parties involved in your relocation and new address to avoid ruining your business operations.

These are just some of the things you should put in mind when planning an office move to avoid messing up. With proper planning in place, it will be a smooth transition for your business.

Relocation Stages

We just described in bulk which aspects you should focus on before relocating your business. Here are the stages that you should take into account:

Stage 1: Deciding to Relocate

Before you make a move, you need to know if this is really the right choice. This is the stage where you should closely examine whether it really is the right move to, well, move! Use the key metrics of your business’ success and evaluate whether these metrics will indeed be positively or negatively impacted by relocation. If your main customer base is very close in proximity, for example, you might want to consider renovation instead.

While you undergo this process, might as well consider renting a self-storage to store your office supplies in a safe place. 

Otherwise, move on to stage 2!

Stage 2: Making Arrangements

In this stage, you’ll need to extensively plan out each aspect of your business’ relocation. Like we said before, for the three to six months preceding the move, make your moving arrangements. Find a trusted, reliable moving company that will handle your office supplies with care and meet deadlines. Time is money, after all. Make sure the new space is affordable, large enough, and employee-friendly.  

Stage 3: Moving Successfully

The last stage is the move itself and the “mental move.” Once you’re back in operation in the new location, you’ll need to evaluate your employee satisfaction with the move. Make sure that they are happy in their new space, are able to be productive, and have input. Otherwise, your business could suffer. Administer surveys for the first few weeks of working in the new space.

Having a Successful Office Renovation

When it comes to enhancing employee productivity levels, the working environment plays an integral part. Once you move into your new office, it is advisable that you create an environment where your employees feel motivated to improve their productivity levels. Getting an office renovation is one way to do it. 

From the interior design of the new space to the type of furniture chosen, the environment should be one that’s comfortable to work in. According to construction specialists at Proficiency, the finishing product for any construction project should be able to meet your requirements and expectations.

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With the right renovation company, achieving this should be a less stressful task. Below are some of the things that can ensure that you have a successful office renovation:

  • Establish why you need an office renovation. How will your business benefit from the new space?
  • You should be able to plan your renovation project accordingly. Always plan in advance to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  • Hire a qualified and skilled contractor.
  • Make sure you have a strict budget to avoid any overspending. Your budget should be at least 10% higher than what your builder gives you in case of any miscellaneous expenses.
  • Establish the features that need to be retained and those that need to be changed. Once you know the areas that need to be renovated, it will be easier to remedy the issue.
  • You should agree on a realistic schedule with your contractor to avoid disrupting your business for so long,
  • You should focus on areas that call for a renovation. As much as you may want to renovate everything, it’s important to focus on certain areas, especially after considering whether it will be feasible for your business.

By putting these important factors into consideration, you’ll be able to ensure a simple renovation process. It will also be easier for you to plan accordingly, thus ensuring that you get to achieve a productive working space.

Renovation Stages

Stage 1: Planning & Staffing

You’ll need to draw up the plans for the first stage of the renovation process. The needs of every business will vary, so work with experts to help you make the new layout and consider employee input. Ensure that the people you are hiring for the job meet your standards. You must consider all stages of the renovation, from the initial staging of materials to the post-renovation cleanup efforts. Hiring the services of companies who understand things do not always run according to schedule is vital, as these kinds of companies will be able to stick around if the project runs over. When it comes to the removal of debris from the renovation the same is true, Waste Removal USA understand larger projects take more time. This is as important, you don’t want to be left without a skip or dumpster to dispose of the debris when the project finishes, you’ll have staff wanting to come to work and having debris left everywhere will prevent them from doing their jobs effectively.

Stage 2: Implementation

Oversee the renovation process at every turn, and if you see something that needs changing, change it while you can. You’ll want to make sure the renovations stick to the budget you had planned, so don’t go overboard! Just stick to the plan and budget as best you can and your renovation should go smoothly.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s a business relocation or an office renovation, early planning is a crucial aspect. These are not the kind of things that you just wake up and decide to do, thorough planning is a must. The results will undoubtedly be satisfactory.

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