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Why Adacted Is The Top eCommerce Marketing Agency In 2023

Reasons Why Adacted Is The Top eCommerce Marketing Agency To Choose In 2023

ecommerce-marketing-agencyWith the increasing number of internet users, approximately five billion as of 2021, eCommerce has become an integral part of people’s lives. This form of commerce has enabled business owners to expand their reach by building a global customer base.Statistics show worldwide retail e-commerce sales were above USD$5.2 trillion as of 2021. The figure is expected to increase by 56% in the coming years, amounting to around USD$8.1 trillion by 2026.  Therefore, with this substantial digital transformation, as a business owner, you’d want to align your marketing strategies to meet the dynamics of modern online shoppers. Collaborating with a third-party marketing agency would be best to create and implement more efficient eCommerce campaigns. By working with a reputable marketing company like Adacted Agency, you can leverage their technical skills, tools, long-term experience, and other expertise to elevate your brand. That said, read on for four reasons why Adacted is the top eCommerce marketing agency to partner with in 2023:

1. They Can Provide You With First-Hand Access To Cutting-Edge Tools

Adacted Agency is updated with advanced tools and technologies to help you launch large-scale eCommerce marketing campaigns. Some of the tools include: 

  • Automation tools
  • SEO optimizers
  • Web analytics tools
  • Lead generation tools
  • Email marketing tools
  • Content research tools
  • Keyword research tools
  • Graphic design software

Most of these tools are more efficient in their premium versions as they include robust features such as competitor analysis, analytics, and paid search management. This can be quite expensive, especially if you’re a small business owner. Fortunately, by outsourcing your marketing tasks to a full-service eCommerce marketing agency like Adacted, you can benefit from new tech, upgraded tools, and customized strategies. The company takes advantage of economies of scale to acquire cutting-edge tools at favorable prices. These tools are vital for providing actionable insights for better decision-making. Also, the dedicated team of experts has professional certifications and years of experience using these marketing tools to help clients create well-designed campaigns with measurable results. 

2. They Have In-Depth SEO Knowledge

A good percentage of online experiences start with an online search. And often, people select the pages that appear on the top. That’s why brands should optimize their content to improve their rankings. However, SEO algorithms involve complex formulas and regular updates that may be challenging to keep up with on your own. Luckily, Adacted has a team of expert analysts who understand the search engine algorithms’ ins and outs. They always study all the updates and help you implement the best strategies to get your eCommerce store recognized by Google. In a 2021 worldwide survey on the leading SEO factors for search rankings, 24.6% of the respondents revealed that depth and accuracy of content was the main factor affecting search engine rankings. Another 32.8% stated that content elements like meta-descriptions and title tags are also vital. Below are some of the SEO techniques covered through their expertise:

  • Optimizing internal links
  • Targeting featured snippets
  • Optimizing content for voice search
  • Reinforcing Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT) signals
  • Image optimization and accessibility
  • Website optimization for a local search listing

That’s why Adacted is considered the top eCommerce marketing agency to consider for 2023. 

3. They Can Help You Design Exceptional Marketing Strategies 

The Agency is focused on helping eCommerce brands craft promotional strategies that yield maximum benefits. Therefore, they first research, analyze, and understand your target audience and determine the marketing techniques that will produce the best results. Below are some of the most efficient marketing strategies they can help you implement to solidify your online presence: 

  • Effective website design for increased conversions. According to Forbes, eCommerce sites may have a 2 to 3% conversion rate during the first visit. Even so, Adacted can help you optimize your eCommerce website to improve the user experience and increase conversion rates. 
  • AI marketing for example, using chatbots for 24/7 customer support, website personalization, and email automation. 
  • Email marketing for instance, building email lists to share personalized content.
  • Setting up online ads to increase product awareness.
  • Influencer marketing by building an expert community of brand influencers.
  • Social media marketing to engage specific target audiences on various platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Most importantly, the Adacted team will help you design strategies that align with your goals and enable you to reach unexplored markets.  

4. They Can Help You Launch Mobile-Focused Campaigns 

Today, people prefer to use their smartphones to conduct online searches and even complete purchases because they’re readily accessible. According to Statista, 72.9% of global retail commerce sales were generated from M-commerce as of 2021. Adacted recognizes that this is a mobile-first era and can help you implement mobile-focused strategies to accommodate mobile users. That includes using mobile apps, Short Message/Messaging Services (SMS), website optimization for mobile, and Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS).


As an eCommerce owner, a reliable marketing agency like Adacted can help you design and implement comprehensive marketing campaigns to scale your business. Above are six reasons you should consider working with the Adacted Agency in 2023. This team of experts can provide top-quality marketing services to prepare your eCommerce brand for unmatched growth.

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