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EdTech Japanese Startup Atama+; an Innovative Solution to Improve the Education System

Atama+ is a Japanese education technology company focusing on the delivery of a personalized curriculum or study materials for students. The company arose from the realization that students will perform differently in class despite facing the same board.

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Atama+ is considered a pioneer in the education technology environment. The education sector is known to face bureaucratic handles, especially in the implementation of technology. The platform has proven to be a transformation in the learning environment.

About The Founder

Daisuke Inada is the founder of Atama+. He worked for Matsui for 11 years before resigning to concentrate on his startup. The foundation of the Atama+ was inspired by jyuku or scram schools that help students to gain entry into high schools.

Inada called up two of his university colleagues to help in setting up the company. The two serve as the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operations Officer. The Chief Technology Officer had been working with Microsoft before jumping to join Atama+. The Chief Operations Officer worked at Recruit China before joining Atama+.

Jyuku are private institutions that compete for students to assist them in gaining the highest marks for high school entry. The private nature of these jyuku centers means that they can adapt to new technology with ease. The features offered by Atama+ include tests, exercises, lectures, and student analysis reports.

How Atama+ Works

Atama+ started with math, but it has advanced to address other subjects like physics and English. The platform uses AI to capture the data of individual students. This data helps the teacher to develop a personalized learning model for the student after considering his or her strengths and weaknesses.

The contribution of the teacher remains central in the learning process. Unlike other innovations that appear to target the elimination of the teacher, Atama+ seeks to provide necessary data for the teacher to deliver better services. The idea is to ensure that each student achieves his or her potential.

The entry of AI into education is meant to provide the shortest learning route for each student. Atama+ recognizes that some students will always understand by following the teaching methods used in class today. The challenge lies with the students who cannot understand based on the methods used by the teacher. Atama+ seeks to create a personalized learning environment for each student.

Implementation of Atama+ in Schools

Artificial intelligence is used to provide a custom approach to learning for each student. The content taught using the Atama+ platform does not differ from what other students learn for their classes. Students are clustered into groups of 15-20 learners under a single coach. The teacher receives all the support necessary to understand the learning needs of each pupil.

Atama+ does not want to provide exclusive online content, like other innovators. It is discouraging to see that online content is designed for a singular learning mode. It does not give exact information on the student’s strengths and weaknesses. It, therefore, disadvantages student who still maintains his weakness. If the content is similar, there will be no difference between the learning method and an ordinary class.

Impressions and Results from Atama+

Students under the Atama+ program form part of the development process. AI highlights the features and learning processes that have been successful. Atama+ interviews students on their experience on the platform. Their feedback helps developers to refine the features on offer. Developers also review raw data from the platform to analyze the interactions students are having with the platform.

Atama+ has grown to cover other countries through customized packages. It is available through mobile platforms. Availability on mobile platforms allows learning to continue at home or any other location a student may be found. Atama+ is the preference revision platform for Math, Physics, Chemistry, and English grammar as well as language. Atama+ remains the fastest growing technology innovation in education.

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