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TOP 5 Promising EdTech Startups in Nigeria

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Just like it is rightly said that ‘The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth,’ education is essential for developing a country and even more for a country like Nigeria.

TOP 5 Promising EdTech Startups in Nigeria

Nigeria is a developing country where education is required more than ever as the future depends significantly on the country’s youth. Education is of the utmost

importance for the young generations to have sound reasoning and solid intellectual capacities.

EdTech, just like E-learning, aids the learning experience by the use of technology and electronics.

A great example of this is a Nigeria-based tutoring platform, UpSkillsTutor, which allows you to choose from over 5000 professional tutors according to your need and select absolutely anything you want to learn.

You’ll receive timely and fast assistance through this fantastic website. Many EdTech startups are there to facilitate Nigeria’s underfunded educational system, out of which five of the most promising EdTech startups are listed below.

1. uLesson

uLesson is an interactive EdTech startup launched in March 2020 founded by Mr. Sim Shagaya, mainly designed for K-7 to K-12 students. It boosts the growth of students both inside and outside of the classroom as it works at hand with the student and promotes grasping concepts and suggesting lessons, practice sessions, and tests.

2. Gradely

Gradely is an excellent EdTech startup in terms of customization according to need. It was founded in 2019 by Mr.Boye Oshinaga and is designed for Nigerian K-12 students.

It gradely supports personalization of learning for their respective students as it

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identifies the student’s academic status and improves their weak areas by revisions, tests, online tutoring, etc.

3. is an adaptive testing Edtech startup founded in 2012 by Samson Abioye; it can be used on both your computers and smartphones.

It allows students to prepare themselves for numerous examinations tests by providing them with past papers for practicing.

Along with this, it also helps you keep track of the improvement of the student.

4. Roducate

Roducate is an e-learning platform that was founded by Femisola Awosika, MD Robert, and John. It provides students with learning material like class notes, informative videos, podcasts, etc., and promotes learning across all classes (primary to tertiary).

It also gives students the option of winning prizes by participating in curriculum-related games and competitions, making learning more fun.

5. Prepclass

Prepclass is an Edtech company founded in 2014 by Mr.Obanor Chukwuwezam. It provides you with a platform to access suitable tutors according to your required subjects and courses. You can select a private lecturer or tutor and start your classes right away. Tutors for examination preparation can also be accessed through this platform.


We have the highest hopes from the five of these startups for facilitating education in a country like Nigeria and even more during the covid-19 pandemic. The children of

Nigeria can study in the lockdown situation.


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