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The Top Educational Institutions in Germany

Germany has one of the best educational institutions in the world. It houses one of the best universities with world-class amenities for students and research professionals. In the midst of the rising demand for a workforce spearheading the fourth industrial revolution, the need for a highly-skilled workforce is of utmost importance.

Students from across the globe go to German universities to study subjects like medicine, engineering, industrial design. German universities are also heavily invested in new-age technology-oriented courses on subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things, and all the other emerging technology.

Germany also has a great pool of educational institutions that are considered the best in liberal arts. Another noteworthy aspect is the ease with which banks in India give study loans for Germany. The courses are crafted in such a way that students from any part of the world can easily adapt to the German education system.

Germany has ten universities that are in the top 200 world’s best universities in the latest QS World University Rankings, 2021. If a student is ready to devote a good deal of time and effort, German universities are the best to skyrocket a student’s career. Here are the top Universities of Germany in chronological order.

Technische Universität, Munchen

It is one of the oldest universities in Germany and is regarded as the best in class for technical education. It is a member of the TU9, an elite consortium of nine universities that are of strategic value and regarded as premier research institutions.

It is one of the most diverse campuses in terms of the number of international students it hosts. There are around 40,000 students on the campus, of which 30% are international students. It has several courses that are taught in English, which is a big perk for international students. The QS ranking is 50, and in Germany, it is ranked number one.

Ludwig-Maximilians – Universität, München

It is one of the best research centers in Europe, and students get a full spectrum of courses from bachelor to doctoral and even beyond. The university has a more than 600 years old history of bringing a global talent pool since its establishment in the year 1472.

The university has been placed at 64th rank globally, and within Germany, it is ranked number two. There is a wide spectrum of courses available at the university, and students have the option to study law, medicine, economics, history, etc.

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg 

Germany’s oldest university, established in 1386, is the best research institute with over 160 different courses to choose from. In the midst of rising demand for workforce in medicine, hospitality, technology, etc.

The research collaboration is one of the distinct features as it has a web of 450 universities for technology sharing and joint research programs. It is also a hub for new age interdisciplinary courses that students can choose and explore new opportunities that aren’t crowded.

It has been ranked 3rd in Germany and 64th globally by the QS world rankings.

Humboldt-Universität, Berlin

The university was established in 1810, and since then it has been home to the work of 29 Nobel laureates. The university has a wide array of courses that are taught, and research work is done in those areas of specialization. From law to medicine and philosophy is taught under different faculties in the university.

The world’s most renowned scientists have worked at the university and advanced the overall standard of teaching at the university. Albert Einstein and Max Planck are some of the renowned physicists associated with the university.

In the field of medicine, Johannes Muller and Rudolf Virchow are the renowned faces of the university. In philosophy, scholars like Otto von Bismarck and Karl Marx were once associated with the university. It has been placed at 128th rank globally and 4th in Germany.

Freie Universitat, Berlin

It is one of the newest universities with excellent academics and research facilities. Students from different countries come here for research projects in a rainbow of disciplines. The courses offered at the university give students the to pursue one of the most diverse subjects.

It has consistently ranked in the top 10 universities in Germany with a QS world ranking of 130. Social science courses are the top choice for international as well as domestic students.

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Karlsruhe

It is an excellent institution for technical research in the next age of technology. The research ecosystem at the institute is one of the best in Germany, with fundings from both private and public sectors. The institution is actively involved in research on AI, ML, Blockchain, Next-generation Mobility.

It has a large pool of students studying at the campus, and it is undoubtedly a top choice for international students wanting to be a part of the German research ecosystem. It has been ranked 131st globally and sixth in Germany.

Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule, Aachen

Germany always takes the lead, and its educational institution has a significant role to play when it comes to technology. The technology-oriented research programs at RWTH are considered the best in Europe. Its research labs are house to some of the most advanced technical developments happening in the field of information, EV, AI, etc.

The interdisciplinary approach by the university has led to a considerable inflow of students from different countries. It has been ranked 145th globally and seventh in Germany.

Technische Universität , Berlin

It is the largest technical university in Germany, and it has more than 40,000 students studying at 40 different institutes. Apart from being a state-of-the-art technical university, it is also part of the TU9, the group of the elite university in Germany.

Students who want to get into advanced-level research at post-graduate and doctoral programs get admission directly or through a student exchange program. It has a web of collaboration with the world’s top engineering college, helping students gain access to global research work. It has been ranked 148th globally and eighth in Germany.

Technische Universität , Dresden

It is a hub for technical research in the fields of Health Sciences, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineering, etc. The research facility at the university is at par with the best universities in the world.

The interdisciplinary courses provide a great blend of subjects that have overlaps across different sectors like Engineering and Humanity, Engineering and Law, etc. The courses offered at the university span across 17 faculties having more than 32,000 students. It has been ranked 179th in the QS World rankings and 9th in Germany.

University of Tubingen

It is one of the oldest universities in Europe, established in the year 1477. The academics at the university is reflected by a considerably large pool of teaching staff. There are around 400 teachings and more than 2000 non-teaching staff. It has a wide array of courses like Law, Economics, Philosophy, MBA, Medicine, etc.

The Catholic theology and Protestant theology courses are also a unique attraction for students interested in religious studies. Interdisciplinary studies are also an excellent catch for students. It helps students explore new avenues of education and brings a substantial change in the outlook of students.

It has been ranked at 175 in the QS world university ranking and 10th in Germany.

These are some of the best institutes in Germany, and students can accordingly choose what’s best for them. Students should carefully see what’s unique offered at these universities and choose a university that is in line with their future plans.


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