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Best Practices to Create Effective Training Videos for Your Company

Training employees is the best investment a company can make in its human resource enhancement, be it new employees or current ones.

Best Practices to Create Effective Training Videos for Your Company

Studies have uncovered that people tend to retain information for a more extended period when the information is delivered through videos.

When you want to train or educate your employees, the best way to do it, aside from sitting face to face with each one of them, is by making an effective training video that all of them can watch.

If you are a small company that cannot invest in live seminars and talks from subject matter experts, generating training videos is a simple and cost-effective solution.

Small companies are moving towards creating training videos by hiring video post-production services to help them create quality content.

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Training videos can bring down the costs associated with training by up to 90%. Also, videos help in learning a subject in a better way than just reading texts.

What is A Training Video?

A training video is a just visual content developed for internal use inside a company that assists new employees in learning about essential processes in the company.

Training videos can also be used to train existing employees on new software or technology, or a new practice adopted by the company.

Training videos should not be just aimed at studying or imparting knowledge. They should also be interesting to watch.

Otherwise, there is no meaning to develop a training video for your company. Knowing what training videos are, here are some tips and practices you should follow to create effective, high-quality training videos for your company.

Pick a Topic and Explain It Thoroughly

Training videos are usually aimed at enhancing the knowledge of employees of all skill levels.

So before making a training video for your company, you should have a predefined topic for the video.

Brainstorming and developing a teaching plan in 15 minutes is easy compared to constantly worrying about what to show and teach next in the video.

Picking a topic and splitting it down will help you create a better timeline for your videos.

Explaining only one topic in a video is a great way to keep the content engaging. This way, it also helps to impart more profound knowledge of the topic in just a single video.

You can start from basics and then gradually move to an advanced level as the video progresses so that every skill level is catered to equally.

Choose the Video Type

Choosing a video type before creating a training video for your company is a crucial task that cannot be overlooked.

There are different types of training videos like animated videos, roleplay videos, screencast videos, etc.

Screencast videos are great if you want to impart practical knowledge like teaching a programming language or other graphic development.

Animated videos with an underlying story are being utilized more and more nowadays as this helps deliver the content interestingly.

Suppose the training is for management and capability assessment. In that case, you can develop roleplay videos wherein the employees can play a specific role through the video and complete an evaluation based on their role.

There are different video types for different categories, and you should choose the one which suits your needs best.

Editing Videos

 Editing and post-processing is the most essential part in creating awesome training videos for your company.

If you feel like you do not have enough in-house experience, you can opt for video post-processing services from leading freelancers and other businesses.

Video post-processing services can enhance the overall video, and they can add graphics, callouts, banners, and all other stuff that will make your video even more compelling to watch.

If there is some problem during the recording stage, it can be ruled out while editing. Re-shooting or re-doing a video is expensive and time-consuming.

This is where post-processing can help save you a lot of time, effort, and money, and hiring professionals to do it is always advisable.

Training employees is essential in today’s market. In today’s world of daily inventions, it is very important to adopt new technology into the business processes to increase productivity, profitability, and employee well-being.

When adopting new technologies into the business, the way to make them effective is by training employees to use them to their fullest extent.


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