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Are Electricians Always in Demand?

Electricians are a staple of the modern world. They ensure the safety of buildings up and down the UK and that isn’t going to change any time soon. Becoming an electrician takes a lot of skill and training but offers a rewarding career.

According to the most recent data, there are around 40,000 electrician businesses in the UK and it isn’t enough to meet demand. However, you may be wondering whether this is just a short-term need or if there is longevity in the profession.

If you’re in this situation, read on to find out more about the demand for electricians.


The UK is currently experiencing a high demand for electricians, which has driven the average salary to an all-time high. Last year, the average annual wage for electricians was £32,540.

If you’re looking for a profession that offers good pay without the need for a university degree, there are few better options than becoming an electrician.

Digital age demands

We live in a digital age where electricity powers everything we do. Whether we’re at home watching TV or typing away on our PC at work, we need electricity. With that in mind, you should find peace of mind that there is longevity in this profession and the demand will be ever-present.

The current shortage 

The shortage of electricians in the UK continues to be a growing concern for the UK government. It has reached a point where electricians are now eligible for a Skilled Worker visa. Brexit ending the freedom of movement with other EU countries has undoubtedly contributed to this situation.

Inviting overseas workers into the UK is great for creating a multicultural Britain. However, the UK would also like to increase supply by training younger people already living in the country. This combined with the Skilled Worker visa should help ensure demand is met.

Ready to start your own business? 

With the demand highlighted above, you may think starting an electrician business is the logical next step. However, there are some things you’ll need to consider before you start trading. These include:

There truly is no better time to get into this trade. If you want to enhance your earning capacity and potential longevity further, you could choose to focus on systems that use green energy. Get started today and enjoy a career that will maintain its demand.

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