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Embracing the New Normal: 5 Benefits of Working Remotely

The way we live and work has been profoundly impacted by the global pandemic and more people than ever before are now finding that their work surroundings are not an office but the four walls of their home. 

Working remotely is definitely the new normal for plenty of us and with great technology such as remote file access readily available it is not that difficult to adapt to these different working conditions. 

Here is a look at some of the obvious benefits of working remotely. 

1- A Better Work-life Balance 

Hands up all those who enjoyed the daily commute?  

Not many relished the prospect of a packed train or bumper to bumper traffic and less time commuting is an obvious benefit as it means you spend fewer hours getting to work. 

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Being able to start work immediately without any commute means you will be finished sooner and that is a real plus in terms of having more time to enjoy time with your family and doing some activities that you might otherwise struggle o fit into your weekly schedule. 

2- Job Satisfaction 

If your employer is supportive of your new way of working and is happy to give you the sort of flexibility that would have been unheard of a few years ago that has plus points on both sides. 

Your employer will enjoy better employee retention rates, which is great for stability and planning, and you will most likely enjoy a greater level of job satisfaction with that newly found freedom that comes with such a flexible approach to working hours. 

3- Lower Overheads 

Another big reason why employers are so supportive of staff working remotely is that their running costs and general overheads are likely to be much lower. 

Lower costs could equate to benefits being passed on to employees such as more generous pay rises and the introduction of more fringe benefits. 

4- No Need to Lose that Team Spirit 

Some employees might initially lament the closure of their office and think that they will become isolated without all of the regular collaborative meetings and social interactions. 

Technology has ensured that working from home in the current era doesn’t mean being cut off from your colleagues and you can communicate and collaborate just as easily with your other team members even when you are all in separate locations. 

5- Improved Performance 

If you are happier because of the reduced hours commuting and the fact that your employer has demonstrated their trust in you by allowing you to work from home that should translate into a greater level of productivity

A lack of external distractions that comes with working in a busy and noisy office combined with the flexibility that comes with remote working often means that your overall performance level will rise. 

Initial results would suggest that employees who work from home are more productive and that has to be good news all round. 

Final Word!

If you embrace what is now the new normal and work remotely it is a way of earning a living that definitely has some clearly defined benefits in its favor. 

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.