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Employee Awards and Recognition: Employee Recognition Ideas That Work

You’re always looking for ways to keep your employees engaged and happy as an employer. With employee recognition, your employees are less likely to leave your business. However, what types of employee recognition methodologies and initiatives work?

How do you create a team that works together and is highly productive? The best way to show your appreciation is with a reward. Best of all, there’s a wide variety of employee awards.

Keep reading to learn about the best ideas for employee awards and recognition programs.

Regular Positive Feedback

Regular positive feedback is beneficial for employees. It lets them know that their efforts are noticed and appreciated. This type of employee award and recognition are among the best ways to give employees a little extra push in the right direction.

Company Swag Pack

Company swag packs are a great option regarding employee awards and recognition. It is thoughtful and memorable, fitting any occasion.

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Include your logo on all items for employee recognition ideas within a swag pack. You can pair fun items like t-shirts and water bottles with valuable items.

Catered Meals for the Team

Catered meals don’t need to be extravagant or expensive. It can be an occasional treat or a biweekly reward.

It’s essential to enjoy the team’s hard work, and nothing will do that better than catered meals. Everyone can come together to enjoy the meal and be appreciated for the work they do for the company.

You can improve communication and team morale with a team bonding activity such as this. Catered meals are a great reward to recognize and appreciate the hard work of the entire team.

Corporate or Team Outings

Corporate or team outings are an excellent way to show appreciation for employee performance. The ultimate goal is to create a valuable and enjoyable experience for the entire team.

The event should reflect the organization’s core values. It should also allow employees to build relationships outside their regular work responsibilities. It can be a company picnic, museum visit, sporting event, or even a day at the beach.

Team members appreciate the opportunity to step away from the office and enjoy quality time together. It provides a fun and unique team-building experience!

Value-Based Monthly or Quarterly Awards

A value-based monthly or quarterly award is an excellent employee award and recognition idea. It is a way to recognize, reward, and reinforce employee behaviors that provide value to the organization.

You can organize these types of awards around behaviors. You can use tools such as the best employee recognition platform for tracking.

Associates that demonstrate good values can be awarded tokens of appreciation. They can be a certificate of recognition, a monetary bonus, or a company store gift card.

Use These Ideas for Employee Awards and Recognition to Improve Work Productivity and Boost Morale

Employee awards and recognition program is a great way to motivate, reward and celebrate employee success. Utilize employee awards and create an environment of positivity, trust, and loyalty.

Make your employees feel appreciated and valued. Go for bonuses, plaques, and awards made just for the occasion. Let’s get to work recognizing our employees today!

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