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Employee’s Guide to be Successful with Their Job When They Don’t Like the Boss

Employees generally spend a lot of time at work and under such circumstances if he dislikes his manager it really becomes very difficult for him to sustain in that working environment as he then feels long, frustrating and unpleasant. It is seen when such things happen to an employee he thinks to quit his or her job.

But quitting the job under such circumstance is not the solution. If you hate your boss it does not mean that you will not be able to successful or it is the time to quit rather there are certain ways by which you can easily cope with your boss. This is what a good human resources department should work on, i.e. by training employees on having better relations with their immediate supervisors even when the supervisor is not much likeable to them.

This article will discuss the number of ways by which you should deal with your boss whom you dislike. Yes! It is true that the following suggestions are not any kind of Printable Templates which will assure you to come out of such situation still it will help you to deal with that circumstance if you ever stuck with one exceptionally sour apple:

1- Talk to Your Boss

The first thing that you need to do is to talk to your boss. It is easier said than done but still you have to find out a time to have a calm and relaxed conversation with your boss so that you can express your feelings and raise the questions that often upsets you. It is true that it is very difficult to have such a conversation with the boss whom you hate too much but remembers these sorts of informal chatting with your boss can certainly help you to break the ice and resolve the issue that you have with your boss in a mature way. This process will be certainly very productive if it can be done in the right tone and manner.

Consider the Positive of the Job

In many cases, people try to quit their job when they do not like their boss but it is not always feasible for everyone. It may happen that you like your job and it may be located in a place which is ideal for you or there may be some other factors which you like in your present job.  But you will not always get those facilities everywhere. So under such circumstances, it is better if you can accept your problematic boss as a part of your package and carry on. You may perhaps find your situation more comfortable if you can consider the positives of your job.   

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Make a Legal Trial

If you find that your boss has done something illegal or trying to sexually harass it is very essential to document all the incidents that have occurred. You must save all those relevant emails, voice mails as well as text that your boss has done then it is important to escalate the issue to the HR or any higher authority. If necessary you can report it to the police if your boss has crossed the legal line.

Be Honest With Yourself and Do Your Own Part

Your boss may be a terrible person and he may be wielding too much his power. But if you do your job properly then your boss cannot do any harm to you. Moreover, if you do your job in the right way it will ultimately help your boss as well. So in such case even if your boss is a terrible person he will never think of harming you in any way. This may be tough but it is actually the smartest way to achieve success in life no matter whether you like or dislike your boss.

Practice Empathy

You must remember that all bad bosses are not inherently bad people. In fact, most of the times, it is found that they are good people with some sort of weakness that gets exacerbated by pressure to lead the team or achieve some unexpected result. So under such circumstances, you should not only consider how your boss act but you should also try to understand why your boss reacts in such a way.

Hence in that situation, you must practice empathy which can certainly be the game changer in the scenario of difficult boss-subordinate relationship.

The Bottom Line

If you follow the above-mentioned methods then days are not far away when your relationship with your boss will become better. You can download a free calendar and check how many days it takes to make the situation better which will certainly open your door for success.

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