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A Quick Guide on How to Increase Engagement on Instagram

How strong is your presence on social media?

An estimated 1.3 billion users, makes Instagram an excellent platform for promoting your brand.

While creating an account opens you up to an entire world of potential, knowing how to use it will maximize your exposure to your target market. To be a successful user you need to find out some tricks to achieve high amounts of reach. Often Instagram users find technical support to have more engagements. For instance, EyeZy is a kind of app that helps Instagram users to view any private profile. The EyeZy review on WP Dev Shed is showing quite impressive impressions.

If you do not seem to get many interactions on your social media, you may need to exercise a new strategy. Keep reading to learn how to increase engagement on Instagram.

Interact With Other

Do unto others…

This advice works in the virtual world as well as it does in the physical one. If you want to increase your social media engagement, then begin interacting with other accounts that match your goals.

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Follow individuals who fit your target market. Also, look for non-competitive brands and services that attract a similar consumer profile.

Like their posts, comment something insightful, and applaud all achievements. First, many accounts will notice and reciprocate.

Second, their followers may see your interactions and then check out your page. This brings you organic traffic and may boost up your following.

Create Quality Posts

Think of your post as you would a professional email. You do not want to slap it together and put out something subpar.

What you post is a reflection of your brand. People will associate the quality of it with the value of your business.

Use high-resolution images that add to your caption. You do not need professional pictures, but capture something eye-catching.

Say something inspiring, interesting, and/or useful. Proofread prior to posting. Your social media audience will engage when your post looks professional and speaks to them.

Post Regularly

Posting regular content will keep you in your follower’s newsfeeds. New content invites engagement.

Research suggests that posting on Instagram one to two times each day keeps engagement high.

Tell a Story

The story feature allows you to put up content that will last 24 hours. Here you can put up a number of posts that include graphics, location, music, etc. to tell a story about your day.

This keeps you in the public eye each time your bubble pops up at the top of their feed. When used correctly, it can help personalize your brand by giving it a face and voice.

You might also post interactive questions or polls to your story. This will increase engagement as people want to participate.

Create Contests

Create Instagram contests for your followers. This social media strategy entices people to engage with the prospect of winning.

Think of creative contest ideas that will make people want to join in on the fun. You might ask them to caption a photo or answer a riddle for entry. Encourage people to share your page with others for additional contest entries.

How to Increase Engagement for the Win

Follow these tips on how to increase engagement for a big win. Every time somebody engages on your post, it pops you back to the top of people’s feeds.  Each content share expands your reach even further.

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