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Enjoy the Comic Con Experience Right from Your Couch with CONtv

Originated in late sixties, the Comic Con has now become an active part of mainstream entertainment and pop culture. Such events attract hundreds and thousands of fans every year in almost every major city around world. Guaranteed or rumored appearance of “Cast of Some Movie” was once the main reason for fans, but now they have lot more reasons like exclusive previews, limited edition merchandise, and exciting competitions and so on.

Besides all other reasons, it’s the nerd/geek culture that brought the Comic cons into mainstream and comic conventions are like concerts for them!

So, if there’s the geek inside you who always want to be there, you may love this virtual comic con experience brought to you by With just a mobile app you can watch free genre movies, TV shows, and panels straight from the convention! It’s FREE, but just in case you are not liking those advertisements, you may subscribe for the paid version, i.e. $6.99/month which you can also cancel anytime you want.

It’s probably the best comic con experience on your own ease. But that’s not all about it! There’s lot more, including:

  • Premiere access to original programming, celebs, sneak peeks, cosplay, goods, discounts, and more from 25+ Comic Cons nationwide.
  • Exclusive access to the best content in the library.
  • Stream panels with your favourite stars.
  • Opportunity to be the first to stream original series, panels, and live events from Comic Con.
  • Early access to Wizard World Comic Con conventions, reserved seating, discounts, and more!

Here’re some of the screenshots that can better explain it!

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It’s a must try to satisfy the comic con geek inside you; signup on and feel like being part of the comic con events even when you cannot make it to the event due to any reason.

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CONtv in Their Own Words:

Live stream panels from Comic Con’s around the country; watch celebrity Q & A’s, learn from the experts, and stream thousands of hours of your favourite genre movies and TV shows, plus original series created just for CONtv.

What Brings CONtv in Spotlight:

Ease of access, simple to use and cost effective!

CONtv Website:

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.