Ensure Your SaaS Product Success with Ramen

Some experts call SaaS customer feedback “pure gold” while others regard it as the key SaaS ingredient, and both are 100% correct! For faster growth of a SaaS startup, it must have an efficient system for observing how customers are using its applications.

Ideally a SaaS service provider should be able to maintain good customer links by being persistently in touch with them; i.e. by responding to their inquiries within 24 hours and for this you need an efficient feedback software. Most of the customer feedback are limited to surveys and product forums, but if you’re really serious about growth, do check Ramen.

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Ramen allows you to build a better SaaS product by learning from your customers in simplest possible way. Whether you’ve just released the beta version of your product or you’re revamping the old system, know what your customers want, simply by asking them questions that they respond to up to 40% of the time.

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Yes, ask tactical product questions to unique audience using Ramen’s advanced question targeting engine and figure out how their needs differ. Besides that, it’s already optimized for mobile, so your customers won’t have any problem in responding to questions when they are using your product from mobile.

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You can make your questions targeted by setting a question to appear only when a user clicks a button, visits a specific URL, or completes an action. Ask users about their experience with new functionality while the experience is fresh in their minds!

Installing Ramen is very simple, but if you need any help, they are just fifteen minutes away from you to get things fixed, up and running!

Ramen is a paid tool, but you can always start with the free plan as long as you’ve a small number of customers and a couple of questions. Move to the paid version as you grow!

Try Ramen and let it help you grow!

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Ramen in Their Own Words:

Ramen helps product teams achieve “Product Success.” Our behavior-driven questions product makes it easy for teams to get highly targeted, contextual feedback from their customers. Our questions see in-website response rates as high as 70%, with averages in the mid 30% range. We help SaaS teams cut through the noise and get the data they need to move forward efficiently.

Teams need feedback from customers, but “feedback tools” have been mostly relegated to forums or surveys. Ramen makes it easy for teams to ask their users highly contextual questions of customers while those customers are using the product. Once installed, our clean UI enables non-technical people to create and target highly specialized questions at customers.


What Brings Ramen to the Spotlight:

It helps SaaS companies build better products by asking behavior-driven questions to the customers while they’re using the product.


Ramen Website: http://ramen.is