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Entrepreneur & Startup Business Networking Simplified This Week

This week at passed with an exciting content stream, not only for entrepreneurs, but for small businesses as well. We focused on entrepreneurs’ and business networking mainly from free marketing and sales leads generation point of view.

Continuing about entrepreneur and startup specific networks that you must have presence on we recommend:

·         Let Your Startup Grow with

·         Market Your Startup & Personal Brand Locally via

·         Find Investors For Your Startup Through

While working on startup specific business networking you must not forget the big opportunity at Linkedin. It’s a whole business world inside with a broader audience. This week, we published the complete guide on How to Generate Business from Linkedin. The guide discusses the details about:

·         How to Optimize Your Linkedin Profile for Business

·         Tips on Writing a Perfect Linkedin Profile Summary

·         Give Prospects a Reason to Connect With You on Linkedin

·         Is Your Linkedin Profile Credible?

·         How to Grow Your Linkedin Network in Right Direction

When it comes to entrepreneurs networking and sales lead generation for startups and small business, the biggest myth is that Twitter doesn’t work. Solving this myth, we started developing a guide on how to effectively use Twitter for business. The guide is still in the process and has covered following areas so far:

·         How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

·         What Should Entrepreneurs Tweet?

·         How to Increase Twitter Engagement on a Business Profile

Other than entrepreneur and startup networking, we also covered some generic topics like How to Write One Page Business Plan and How to Set up an Overseas Company in UK. And yes, do not forget to have a look at Fashion Designer & Clothing Boutique Business Card Ideas and Samples for your or friend’s recently launched clothing business.

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