Top Essential Skills Employers Look for
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The Top Essential Skills Employers Look for When Hiring Administrative Jobs

Every business needs someone to run the day to day operations and this is where the office administration jobs come up. Whether you are a new startup or an established small business, hiring an office administrator can be a tricky matter, especially if you are based in a big city like Sydney!

With the availability of various free job portals for job seekers, anyone can post their CV, and many times you get an overwhelming response from job seekers who do not even qualify for the job.

I had an experience in working with a client that helps startups with their staffing needs and while shortlisting the candidates for administration jobs in Sydney, I found that majority of the resumes are very generic and probably they created a one size fits all sort of resume that they can post on free sites for just any job opening.

So, I assume that most people do not know that office administration can be quite a lucrative opportunity, and to get hired by a new startup or a stable and profitable company, you must know what they are looking for!

The Top Essential Skills Employers Look for When Hiring Administrative Jobs

This article will guide fresh grads and even experienced youth through a quick list of skills companies (especially startups and small business owners) look for when hiring the right person as an office administrator.

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qualities of an office administrator

1- Ability to Work Independently

Aside from proving your initiative, your capacity to work all by yourself can give you an edge against all the other job seekers who want the same role. If you are going to work in administrative jobs, you must practice self-reliance and learn how to work with little supervision from your bosses.

Make sure that you will do your job with as few mistakes as possible, so you do not have to repeat whatever you just did if you can prove that you are reliable for any task at hand. It will allow your superiors to trust you with more significant responsibilities in your company.

2- Excellent Communication Skills 

If you want to work in one of the administration jobs in a big city like Sydney, you must have above-average communication skills to do your job correctly. You need impressive oral communication skills for answering phone calls or setting meetings with important people in your company. You also need an excellent writing capability so you can compose official correspondences that you need to send externally or internally.

Also, you must have outstanding listening skills so you will not have any problems following instructions from your bosses. If you have exceptional communication skills, you can comfortably communicate with anyone in your company, including the top bosses, the clients, suppliers, and all your colleagues. 

3- Organized Database Management 

One of the most desired administrative skills that employers want to see in their applicants is effective database management. Because of this, you need to know different database programs used by various businesses.

If the employer learned that you are confident about your ability to handle a database management system accurately, he or she would not have any problems giving you tasks for this job. You only need to make sure that the data that you collected and managed in the system are all accurate to do the job correctly. 

4- Being Result Oriented

Since companies prioritize tangible results, you need to make sure that you can provide accurate outcomes with little margin for errors. It will make you a valuable member of the company if you can show your employers your determination to provide them with the best results for any tasks assigned to you. So make sure that you give your 100% focus on your job. 

Despite having hundreds of job ads online and offline getting hired for an administration position in any big city is not an easy task. You must make sure that you have what it takes to stand out against thousands of other job seekers so the company of your choice can hire you. If you hold any or all of these skills, you will have better chances of landing the position in one of the best companies operating in the city. 

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