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10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Install an EV Charging System

About 2% of vehicles sold in any given year are electric. While that number may not seem like much, it’s a number that continues to grow as electric vehicle education increases and charging options expand.

10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Install an EV Charging System

With electric vehicles picking up steam, many business owners are looking to implement EV charging onto their properties. Since you’re reading this post, you may be among those EV-curious people.

Below, our team takes those that are on the fence about installing charging stations on their property and pushes them to act by sharing a litany of excellent benefits that EV integration can bring.

If you need the inspiration to leap into electric vehicle charging, keep reading to learn more.

1. Electric Chargers Encourage EV Use

You may or may not be a big proponent of the environment and it’s well documented that electric vehicles aren’t necessarily the kindest to the planet when you consider their manufacturing.

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Still, the consensus seems to be that an electric car driven over a long period of time does less harm to the planet than a gas-guzzling vehicle.

If that means anything to you, by installing EV charging on your property, you give people considering going electric one more reason to do so.

Your charging station could be the one that someone living in a nearby apartment complex was waiting for or somebody that needs to pass by your building on the way to their job needed for EV to make sense!

2. Get Tax Breaks

If money is a bigger motivator to you than shrinking the population’s footprint on the world, you’re in luck. Several tax breaks are available for people that choose to integrate EV charging into their business.

These tax breaks vary from state to state and even from community to community. To get an understanding of which benefits you might get when it comes to corporate taxes, talk to a tax professional that operates in your area.

You can also run a quick search of “electric vehicle charging tax breaks” to find online literature that discusses your locality’s benefits.

Tax breaks for vehicle charging do tend to reduce over time so there’s no time like the present to claim what’s available.

3. Enjoy Rebates

Tax breaks aren’t the only financial benefits you might get by investing in EV charging. Many governments and even electric company programs offer rebates to businesses that lay charging stations on their properties.

For example, SoCal Edison for a long while was giving away hundreds of dollars to businesses and individuals that bought charging stations. Chances are, your local electric provider may have similar programs in place.

Much like tax breaks, we’ve seen rebate incentives start to peter out over time given that electric car charging is getting more popular. That should incentivize you to make investments sooner rather than later.

4. Entice Talent

Let’s say that you’re running a white-collar business that requires workers to have advanced degrees. These workers tend to have several options when it comes to where they’re going to work.

The way that you’re going to get them to choose your company over another is by giving them an enticing compensation package.

While base salary tends to be the most attractive component of compensation packages, you may be surprised to learn just how much EV charging can sway a prospective team members’ employment decision.

After all, if they drive an electric car and the places they’re considering working don’t have charging options, they’ll have to buy a new vehicle.

The bottom line is that installing EV charging is a low-hanging means of staying competitive with the competition that won’t set you back much.

5. Less Car Drama

You have to have a decent amount of employees driving electric with no on-site charger to have run into this very real problem… People’s batteries dying on your property.

It’s inevitable that if you don’t service employee’s electric needs and they bring their electric cars to work that eventually, they’ll run into dead battery issues. When that happens, we’re talking tow trucks coming onto your property, people needing to jump cars with generators, and other inconveniences.

Why invite that drama to your workplace and stress for your team members? Pick up an EV charger and let team members that arrive at work with lower batteries than expected fuel up while they’re at their desks.

6. Have EV Using Employees Be More Punctual

Another inevitability of having EV-driving employees but not charging stations is tardiness.

There is a lot that can go wrong with an EV overnight that can leave its battery more depleted than expected. A cold front blowing through. An outlet that stopped working. Bad software settings on smart cars.

If your employee wakes up and finds that they don’t have enough charge to get to work, remedying that problem is not as simple as rolling into a gas station. Depending on the vehicle, a low battery could easily set an employee’s morning back anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Having on-site EV charging allows employees the option of getting themselves to work so they can invest in a full charge there while managing their responsibilities to you. That’s preferable to them having to manage their charge around their houses and then rolling in whenever they can thereafter.

7. Sell Your Slots to the Public

EV charging isn’t just great for employees. If run-of-the-mill consumers have any reason to be in or around your business, chances are, they’ll love charging at your station too!

And what’s better is that depending on the charging station you have installed, you can make money off of passerby’s charging needs.

There are a lot of resources out there that will help you learn more about the income potential that having a public EV charger in your parking lot can bring. Much of it is found through EV charging provider’s websites.

You can check out this article to learn about the top charging providers.

8. Get Listed in Popular EV Boasting Applications

People use applications to navigate the world. If you use Google Maps often, that statement is not a surprise to you.

Given people’s adoption of various applications, being listed in map or directory tools can be important for consumer-facing businesses to bring in customers. When you install an EV charger, you allow yourself to be recognized in several places.

Google Maps will bring your business to the forefront of EV user’s screens when they’re looking for a charger. Whichever charging company you partner with will list your business in its directory.

Websites that track EV pop-ups will give you mentions and may even link to your company’s website potentially boosting your search engine placements.

All of those fringe advantages could blow up your customer base and turn your EV charger into the best customer acquisition channel you have.

9. Installation Is Low-cost and Could Even Be Free

As we’ve mentioned a couple of times, there are a few different EV charging providers that exist in the market. These providers tend to lease their EV equipment to your site so they can make money off of consumers passing by and share portions of that revenue with you.

Since there is a financial interest in EV charging providers putting in as many chargers as possible (more chargers mean more income), many make it so barriers to get their products installed on your site are low.

In fact, several charging providers will install chargers at no cost to you.

No-cost installs will likely require a contract that will ensure EV installers will be able to recoup the money they invest in building out your system, over time.

10. Don’t Get Left Behind

We’ve shared a ton of excellent advantages you’ll enjoy/can enjoy if you invest in EV charging port today. If those reasons compel you to get a system installed, great!

If they don’t, know that other companies in your area will be compelled.  That means that electric-loving talent and customers may start flocking over to them.

Assuming that’s a reality you’d rather avoid, do your best to not get left behind the curve and do start seriously considering EV integrations.

EV Charging Is Just a Phone Call Away

Making investments in EV charging is as easy as hopping on the phone or going online. Find a charger provider that has good terms regarding installations, check their reviews, and ask them how you can go about getting their product in your business.

Chances are if there are no charging stations on top of you already, charging providers will be anxious to get out to your business as quickly as possible.

Have more questions regarding EV usage? If you do, we welcome you to browse more technology and business write-ups in our blog.


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