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5 Tips For Using Event Giveaways To Promote Your Start-Up

Everyone likes to receive a freebie from time to time, and numerous studies have shown nearly half of consumers believe promotional products should be given out more often.

5 Tips For Using Event Giveaways To Promote Your Start-Up

The correct use of these products allows them to serve a variety of purposes as advertisers use them to lure in new clients, build concrete relationships with their regular customers, and reward clients for referrals.

You couldn’t imagine how an inexpensive investment like a branded pen could generate such significant returns. Indeed, promotional items can be highly effective when used strategically.

Utilizing Giveaways Effectively

It’s a global business trend to give away free products as a way to draw attention to your brand. Some ways to achieve these include offering incentives during conventions, giving out items during social media contests, and distributing promotional items on special occasions.

However, it’s also imperative not to hold your expectations too high since not all event giveaways end with positive outcomes. To be successful, your strategy must match your business goals.

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You can use promotional products to boost your start-up business by following these valuable tips:

 1. Select The Perfect Merchandise

Branded merchandise is an ideal promotional giveaway since it’s a valuable item people might need daily. Here are some of them:

  • Notebooks
  • Bag
  • Pens
  • Mugs
  • Water Bottles
  • Other personalized daily necessities

Everyday items with your logo help build brand awareness since they’ll be constantly viewed by the people who use them.

Make the gift memorable by selecting something related to your business, so your clients will be able to relate or incorporate the freebie to your company.

2. Devise A Plan To Publicize Giveaways


After choosing your merch and having them sorted out by suppliers like Steel City Marketing and other reputable sources, you must plan how to hold the event giveaway. Depending on the business, promotional giveaways may be handed out in person, online, or in a combination of both.

The best platform and method for online giveaways are essential. Social media could make it easy for you to run giveaways, and numerous mobile apps can support you with your activities.

Getting others to share your giveaways is one of the benefits of hosting them on social media. A thorough exposure can swiftly be implemented, especially if your brand is already famous on the internet.

Hosting a promotional giveaway on your website has other advantages as well. Consider this option since social media promotions come with a few restrictions and rules at times, but you can set the conditions for your promotions on your site.

Naturally, you need to obey the law, but you don’t have to worry about other sites’ rules. You should host your giveaway in a location suiting your purposes and attracting the most traffic.

3. Personally Give The Freebies

freebie items

Giving out promotional products to clients personally is the best way to maximize their effectiveness because sometimes, the approach of handing out the merchandise has a significant impact on the recipient.

When freebies are displayed on a table, people will naturally feel these are free for everyone, so they won’t feel anything special about it. But when you hand an item to a client after an engaging conversation during an event, this moment will leave an impact and will give positive emotions to them.

4. Use Social Media

Your business probably has numerous social media networks, and it’s important to utilize all these platforms to your advantage. Upload photographs of your company’s promotional items to your social media accounts.

For an even more appealing image, you can have your team model the promotional items themselves or point out your company logo on the clothing to make them more attractive to consumers.

You should encourage your followers on social media to turn on their notifications for any promotional offering of your company.

Pursue them to shop at your online store or visit your website to find the nearest retail location. Your social media offers tools and functions powerfully effective to influence your buyers’ decisions.

5. Emphasize Logo Exposure

objects for promotions

Encourage your employees and staff to wear matching shirts, hats, and other outfits when working at a trade show or county fair. This is a smart use of logos on clothing as it promotes the brand without appearing forced.

In addition, you can give your regular customers shirts with your logo printed on them. The special recognition you give when you present this exclusive-to-regulars clothing will genuinely add value to their connection with the brand.


Promotional items can become an effective marketing tool for businesses of any size with clear goals and great design. The first step is to determine which items are right for your start-up business.

Make sure they’re presented creatively, so they can effectively show promising results for your business.


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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.



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