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4 Ways to Start Up an Event Planning Business from Home

Do you have excellent organizational skills? Are your time management skills top-notch?

Are you imaginative and creative? Would you like to be your own boss and have a fun and rewarding job?

4 Ways to Start Up an Event Planning Business from Home

If you answer yes to all of these questions, perhaps you should consider setting up an event planning business! Here are some tips on how to start up an event planning business from home.

Make a Plan

First of all, you need to make a plan of how your business will operate. You should decide on what type of event or events you wish to work on, such as personal events, corporate events, leisure events, and cultural events.

Play to your strengths and choose a niche that you know most about or have some practical experience in. For example, If you are artistic or have worked in an art gallery, you might want to specialize in cultural events.

Have Unique Ideas

Event planning is big business and has become a very popular home-based business, so it is vital that you make your business unique and make it stand out from the competition. Perhaps you know the owners of an exclusive club or venue who could give you exclusive access to their premises – a place where the competitors have no access to.

Try to think outside of the box and offer clients something new such as a birthday or team building parties at a recording studio where people can record a music album or plan weddings with themed fancy dresses.

Find the Best Venues

When compiling a portfolio of venues for your events, you need to ensure that they tick certain boxes. The location needs to be easily accessible by all clients and have good transport links and plenty of parking options nearby.

It needs to be the right size and floorplan for the event as there is nothing worse than cramming too many people into a small area – there is no room for them to enjoy themselves properly.

The venue also needs to be excellent value for money so that you are not blowing the majority of your budget on the venue and having very little left over for food, drinks, entertainment, and equipment.


An event planning business can be conducted from home. After all, you do not have to have a large amount of equipment because most of the items you need will be hired from various companies or included with the hiring of the chosen venue.

To start an event planning business from home, you will need a telephone – either a landline or cell phone. A cell phone is probably the best option as it means you can be reached any time and in any location.

Purchase a cell phone exclusively for your business and don’t not for personal use. A computer is another vital piece of equipment. Purchase a reliable machine that is fast and has plenty of storage.

A laptop or tablet is a great option as they can be taken with you when you are meeting clients. Fast, reliable broadband is another essential to keep you in contact with clients, employees, and venue staff.

Traveling to venues and transporting equipment will require you to have a decent-sized automobile and a clean driving license.


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