Everytap; Get Rewarded at Your Favorite Venues

Everyone loves it when it comes FREE!

We all dine out on various occasions and many spend a lot on dining out. Imagine if dining out rewards you! Certainly you will use the reward to experience more options.

So, to get rewarded for dining out, get Everytap in your smartphone. Having Everytap in your smartphone, you will earn points for every visit and order at your favorite venues.

Having reached at certain points limit, you will be able to grab awesome gifts, free lunch or coffee at a partnering café or restaurant and soon it will unlock unusual experiences like getting to the backstage during a concert a free culinary workshop at a restaurant you love and so on.

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Everytap in Their Own Words:

Before focusing on Everytap we used to run a discovery site for nearby events, mainly concerts. We’ve made a decision to get rid of that and try something more interactive and with more potential.

We love how Everytap is evolving from a mobile loyalty program to a way of communication between venues and their customers. We also have great plans for further development, e.g. hands-free payments.

What Brings Everytap to the Spotlight:

For businesses Everytap can play a good sales partners as It drives foot traffic at physical locations and boosts loyalty as well as volume of transactions. Everytap is also a great way for producers to promote their products at partnering venues while remotely managing sales and deals.

Everytap Website: http://everytap.com/