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eWay-CRM vs. Zoho: Free Version Comparison

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve chosen two CRM candidates for your business – e-Way CRM and Zoho. The question is: Which one is better?

Well, actually, you don’t need to worry that much, as both CRM systems offer a free version for you to try. By looking at their free features, you can make a better decision.

So, in this article, let’s explore the free version comparison between eWay-CRM and Zoho.

Eway-CRM’s Free Version

eWay CRM

As a comprehensive CRM system, eWay-CRM is designed with Outlook users in mind. Recently, eWay-CRM sits in the top 15 leading CRM apps, evaluated and ranked by GetApp.

With eWay-CRM’s free version, you can:

  • Enjoy 200 MB of data space
  • Use on multiple devices, and the Cloud will sync data amongst them
  • Customize through the Administration Center
  • Synchronize mobile phones with Microsoft Outlook with the help of 3rd-party apps (Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, etc.)
  • Access to all new upgrades/ updates
  • Take advantage of daily backups
  • Get stellar support via email

Just start with eWay-CRM’s free version to see how your business workflow is changing. And don’t forget that eWay-CRM upgrades are automatic and free of charge.

Once you upgrade to Premium, you can take advantage of many awesome features (i.e., eWay-CRM web app, mobile app, 10 GB cloud space, etc.) eWay also allows you to try its Premium for up to 30 days free.

Zoho’s Free Version

zoho free version

Zoho is another free CRM for small to medium-sized businesses. With its free version, Zoho offers:

  • Leads, deals, and contact management
  • Tasks and events
  • Integration with other Zoho apps

The platform offers a 15-day free trial version of all the paid editions.


Both eWay-CRM and Zoho are top-notch systems in the CRM software market. We recommend you try both free CRM to get started and upgrade with one system if you find it your missing piece. Thanks for reading!


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