Express Yourself with Vidii & Be More Creative

Facial expressions are a very important part of communication, that’s why the emojis, gifs and short videos are so popular.  It’s not just about fun and entertainment, but the business world is also using this expressive mode of communication to engage their customers in a better way.

Well emojis, gifs and videos are all old; Vidii is something new and more interesting. It lets you chat with your friends using vidicons – short movie and TV video clips like gifs except with HD picture and sound plus more.

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So, now you can tell your friends exactly how you feel. It comes with same free messaging feature, but with unlimited fun; i.e.:

  • Using your favorite characters to say it exactly as it needs to be said.
  • Scroll or search the What’s On stream and discover more interesting stuff.
  • Create your own vidicons with full sound and resolution using your phone or computer.
  • Make videos from movies and shows.
  • Record, edit, and post vidicons for friends, or the whole Vidii community to watch and use to chat around the world.
  • Use your vidicons in your Facebook and Twitter updates to share with your trusted community.
  • And yes, it’s free!

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Well, it is a whole new world of entertainment for general users, but smart marketers can utilize it for various big and small campaigns too!

Vidii is currently available for Android and iOS platforms.

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Vidii in Their Own Words:

If you’ve ever wanted to send more than just an emoji or gif while chatting to express exactly how you feel, Vidii, lets you do it with short video clips from movies, tv, and the internet. We let you say more than just typed words.

Let Vidii entertain you when your friends aren’t around to chat by watching the funniest videos and clips with quotes from the best movies and shows starring your favorite celebrities like Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Deadpool, or even the Hulk.


What Brings Vidii to the Spotlight:

It makes messaging more creative, interactive and engaging!


Vidii Website: