Extole Referral Marketing Grows Biggers with Recent $14M Funding

With $14 million funding that it has received on 8th December 2014, Extole has taken its total investment to $19 million in just two rounds. This funding primarily will be used for improvement of the growth channel. 

The list of investors include Redpoint Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, Shasta Ventures, Trident Capital and Norwest Venture Capital. So far, Extole has done successful referral programs for more than 300+ brands. The venture is backed by qualified and experienced professionals who are continuously delivering the desired results.

Extole Referral Marketing Logo

Extole is providing end to end program ranging from promotion to conversion. It offers a wide range of services inclding B2B and B2C including retail and finanaicl services, consumer subscriptions markets.

The platform s quite effective and easy. Unlike other similar services, you wont face troubles in getting started as the optimization is quick and easy. The world has witnessed a boom in the retail marketing industry and the budgets are all set to rise significantly in coming few years. With such budgets, there is going to be heavy investments in mails, mobile ads, social media and referral marketing.

For marketers, Extole is a good choice as it provides easy promotions, simple tagging as well as a comprehensive reward management programs which is aimed at attracting and engaging online audience.