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Top Factors That Affect the Price of Oil

Crude oil is an extremely useful nonrenewable energy source. As a result, fluctuations in oil prices are not unusual.

Top Factors That Affect the Price of Oil

It is, however, a factor that influences how traders and other individuals buy and sell crude oil. In this post, we will look at the variables that influence crude oil prices.

Demand and Supply

Crude oil prices can fluctuate rapidly in response to changes in policy, new cycles, and global market fluctuations. These prices vary greatly and are affected by a variety of factors, including consumer demand and overall supply.

OPEC was established in 1960 by oil-producing companies from Iraq, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iran. OPEC is a multinational organization that regulates global oil supplies.

Regulating the supply of oil allows them to control prices, making it more cost-effective and efficient for consumers.

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Furthermore, an increase in economic growth and industrial production will boost crude oil demand.

War Events

In the past, political developments have caused an interruption in crude oil production, triggering prices to change dramatically. Some of the past developments that have triggered major swings in these prices include the Persian Gulf and Iran-Iraq wars, as well as the Iranian revolution.

Other disasters, apart from war, have also affected oil prices. Below are a few examples of disasters that have affected oil prices:

  • In January 2020, as a precautionary measure to combat the Coronavirus pandemic, several governments closed businesses and restricted travel. As a result of these dramatic measures, demand for crude oil reduced.
  • The Gulf War reduced oil supply in August 1990, causing crude oil prices to skyrocket. However, after the war, these prices began to fall.
  • Hurricane Katrina and the Mississippi River flood caused the highest weekly increase in fuel prices in August 2005 and May 2011, respectively, causing billions of dollars in losses after oil plants were destroyed. These destructions slowed the supply of crude oil, causing prices to rise.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors influencing crude oil prices include exploration, commodity refining, and technology.

The same is true with the unpredictability of weather conditions, such as cold and long winter months that trigger dramatic temperature drops. Low temperatures cause an increase in energy consumption, which increases demand for crude oil, allowing oil prices to rise.

Furthermore, fossil fuels contribute significantly to the greenhouse effect and global warming, negatively impacting the ecosystem.

Political Factors

Political upheavals in the world’s largest oil-producing Middle Eastern nations, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, have affected the oil supply over the years. Oil prices rise as supply from these countries declines, impacting the global economy in various ways.

To understand oil trading, a trader must keep track of all of the variables mentioned above. If you want to speculate on the price, you should pay attention to variables such as OPEC meetings and reports about potential drops in global oil production, such as any regulations that might threaten the drilling industry or boost the renewable energy market.

Remember that the oil industry is arguably one of the most volatile in the world. Its price is highly influenced by politics and decisions taken by world leaders and policymakers, which is particularly important given the current industry’s unpredictable future.


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