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Factors That Contribute to Road Accidents

No matter how carefully you drive on the road, trouble might still hit you right in the face. Though it is undeniable that many vehicular mishaps are caused by careless drivers, other factors outside of the driver’s seat result to driveway misfortunes.

Thus, as a driver, you must know both of your responsibilities and rights if ever you get involved in an accident. A Greensboro car accident lawyer may help you out with that, but to help you become even more mindful while driving consider these elements that might still cause road accidents:

Irresponsible drivers

You may be a responsible driver, but other drivers out there are not. Some violate simple road traffic rules, like stopping when lights are red, just to get ahead of other vehicles. Reckless drivers overspeed, overtake, and swerve as if they own the highway. Few simply do not understand traffic signs (how did they even get their license in the first place?). Drunk and exhausted drivers are brave enough to drive despite lacking the awareness to do the task. These kinds of drivers are difficult to spot while seated on your own vehicle, so if you drive near one make sure to keep some distance.


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Despite the existence of pedestrian lanes, overpasses and underpasses, there are still imprudent people who cross a busy street. They jaywalk their way to their destination, thinking it was the smartest thing to do since it is the shortest route to take. Some do not understand what traffic lights are for, so they tend to just cross whatever color is flashed on the road. Always be alert for walkers that do not seem to know how to cross streets, or you too might get into trouble.


People in the back seat who keep on talking to their driver may only intend to sound nice, but in fact they might cause distraction to the driver which then leads to certain accidents. Also, some passengers, especially tourists, have a habit of putting their hands or any body part out of the window. This practice may cause other drivers to be surprised while driving and lose their calm.

Road conditions

With the number of vehicles that pass these pavements daily, there is no wonder that they too would wear off over time. Some roads eventually develop potholes that are extremely dangerous for fast moving cars and heavy trucks. Uneven pavements where concrete and rocky roads can cause accidents too. Road diversions may also cause traffic mishaps, so make sure that you know alternate routes when driving in any area you go.

Weather conditions

Intense weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow can render a driver zero visibility on the road, which definitely will turn into an even worse disaster. If you can stay at home during bad weather, you had better not drive as it will only put you into more danger.

These are the factors that you cannot control as you drive. Make sure that you will not be a cause of accident for others by being a responsible driver that keeps himself and his car checked before going on the road.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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