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Get the Most from Your Factory’s Metrology Equipment

Modern factories rely on a lot of advanced equipment like coordinate measuring machines (CMM machines). While these machines are a fixture in automation, they don’t just run themselves.

Get the Most from Your Factory’s Metrology Equipment

Factory owners need to know that the machines relied upon for quality control are in excellent condition and have optimal software. Let’s delve further into how the best metrology dealers can help you get the most bang for your buck.

Software that Fits

The CMM machines of the past did incredible work inspecting parts on the production line, but old machines may have obsolete software. The best metrology dealers have all types of CMM equipment and software that could help drive production significantly.

For example, PC-DMIS software is a suite that helps companies collect, process, manage, and present manufacturing data. PolyWorks is the leading Point Cloud Inspection software. If you have any questions about whether your software is the best fit, speak to a metrology dealership near you.

The best dealerships have been in operation for decades, and they’re often the most knowledgeable people to consult.

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Expert Repairs, Calibrations, and Installations

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated machinery is if it’s not working properly. Industry 4.0, where automated equipment is synchronized to work in tandem with other automated machines, is increasingly common in factories. A problem with one machine can potentially cause other problems downstream.

Look for a metrology dealer with various ISO accreditations and decades of experience. They provide certification and reliable calibration services for portable arms and other CMM machinery.

Sometimes machinery needs to be moved within the factory or further afield, which is a sensitive undertaking for precision equipment. CMM machines can’t just be plugged into the wall and switched on. These machines must produce repeatable and reliable results.

Similarly, if you buy a new or used CMM machine, you need an expert technician to install it on-site, so you know it’ll work to specification. Whether you need your CMM machines repaired, moved, calibrated, or installed, talk to a metrology dealer near you.


CMM machines can work via computer or a human operator. So it’s crucial to train the people who work alongside this equipment, especially as the technology and software developed, and processes of the past become more complicated.

Often, the best metrology dealers also provide expert training. While in-class learning is cancelled until it’s safe to reopen, online metrology lessons let workers learn from anywhere. There are effective courses that teach software like PolyWorks, Quindos, PC-DMIS, and more, for beginner and advanced levels.


The online tutorials feature tests and quizzes to help workers retain the material, so they come back to the factory better prepared. Whether a new employee needs to learn the basics or an experienced hand needs to brush up on their skills, find the best metrology dealer near you for expert training.

CMM machines can deliver a massive boost to your factory’s bottom line. Just keep the above tips in mind, and this equipment and your factory will be running at full steam.


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