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FanzTap: The No Rake Fantasy Sports Platform

Did you know that more than 27 million people play fantasy sports in the United States alone? 1.6 million players which make 2.5% of the total population of Britain also enjoy the sport at its best.

Well, this addiction can be understood by a fantasy ports enthusiast only and someone who loves fantasy sports hates the rake!

Rake in simple words is a fee that a fantasy sports site takes in exchange for running a contest. Every time you enter a contest, a small percentage of your entry fees goes to the site while some amount goes to the prize pool.

On an average sites charge a rake between 5 to 15 percent of an entry fee; so if you enter in a contest with $50, up to $7.5 will go to the site.

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The more the players love the sport, the more uncomfortable they get with the rake. So, for all those geeks out there, it’s FanzTap that they would love as it’s coming as a “No Rake” Fantasy Sports site.

By taking the rake away and bringing in the the social media integration, Fantasy sports is going to be more fun than before; because it’s cheaper, easier, faster and more social.

So, whatever is your favorite; NFL, Major League Baseball, soccer (English Premier League and Major League Soccer), PGA Tour, NASCAR and UFC/MMA. College football, college basketball, NBA or NHL, everything will be available when the seasons begin.

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FanzTap in Their Own Words:

FanzTap is a new no Rake Fantasy Sports site, with social media built in to make make Fantasy sports fun again. We remove the rake and allow fantasy sports players to keep more of their money. We have removed the complications and complicated cost associated with other fantasy sites.

What Brings FanzTap to the Spotlight:

The “No Rake” Concept!

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